Uniden 4-Handset Phone w/Answering System

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Uniden 4-Handset Phone w/Answering System
$49.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Can you hear me now?

where are our bags woot?

Can’t wait to use my landline in the shower…

what’s the monthy plan with this?

Frack off with the land lines, woot! My grandma already has hers.

I had two sets of these, after about a year or so, the buttons stopped working… and it turns out it was a common problem.

will this work with a mac

These are people who still have those land line things.

A waterproof handset? For people who want to chat in the shower?? I can honestly say that it has never occurred to me that I needed a waterproof handset before…

Ahhh, the bliss of ignorance. How can I possibly be satisfied with my current phone now??

Great product write up, but it was the Human Torch who was killed off…

What’s a land line?

Why is one a different color than the rest?

Won’t that make it feel left out?

For calling from the diving board??

Uniden = Fail
Refurbished = Double Fail
Yello Piddly Handset = Triple fail

Man I remember these phones from like years ago

4 refurbed cordless phones? lunch break time…hopefully i will return to a Big Old Cola

You mean those things like we used to see on TV in the 80’s? Woooow!

sorry to hear they had problems. I was looking at getting a set for my ol’ aunt (in her 80’s), she could even have a handset in the bathroom! Are they worth the money though? Is answering machine hard to setup/use?