Uniden 5.8Ghz 2 Handset Phone with Digital Answering Sys

This often goes for $20 on buy dot com

Oh wow, a landline phone. I remember we used to have these when I was a kid.

They still make wired phones?

Does this have wifi? Bluetooth?

Clicking “I want one” on this item, or on the previous Roomba item, just reloads the Woot homepage. Does this happen to anyone else?

I have this (but with 2 handsets for a total of 3) and it works well. I haven’t used the answering machine portion (I have voice mail through the cable-phone) but the reception and sound quality on the phones is fine and they work well with the single base. The battery life has never been an issue.

One caveat - I live in a 2 br condo, and they fade out if I try to go down more than a flight of stairs. I was secretly hoping they’d be amazing so I could go to the laundry room and stay on the phone w/o switching to my cell, but they’re not that good.

Nothing wrong with using a land line, or churning your own butter…

If only I needed more phones but my cell does it all

Businesses will stick with landlines for a long time, but I would imagine most homes going without one in the next 10 years.

the wootalyzers are back

We will always have one copper landline and a corded phone in the house for as long as they’re available. Cells are nice, but they don’t work in a regional emergency.