Uniden 5.8GHz 3 Handset Phone System

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Refurbished Uniden 5.8GHz 3 Handset Phone System, for $19.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Uniden DXI5586-3 5.8GHz 3 Handset Phone System

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Damn it! I don’t even have a land line anymore :frowning:

Hmm i was considering getting this until i read the reviews on Amazon. 2 stars out of 5.


They worked well for me for over 3 years with vonage … didn’t really have any complaints. Mainly got new phones when the batteries finally started dying … and found a great deal on a Uniden 6.0 DECT 3 piece unit with answering machine on clearance at Staples for about 20 bucks more than the replacement batteries.

Bad to mediocre reviews on Amazon (2 stars) and Buy.com (3 stars):

I’d be all over this if it was DECT. Reviews mentioning bad range = no thanks.

We have had these phones less than 3 years, have replaced the batteries once, and need to again. The range on them isn’t great, either. I can’t talk downstairs with the base upstairs (our house is only 1600 sq ft combined) without serious static.

Worst thing I have ever bought on line. Everything interferes with it. Don’t waste your money.

Some reviewers on Amazon complain that you can’t have more than one of these in use at a time – that is, you can’t tell Ma to pick up the extension because Auntie Em is on the phone, if you want to stay on the line, too. I guess that’s why the writeup makes such a deal of being able to transfer calls between handsets?

Holy Christ on a waffle…these things use the same technology as baby monitors from the 80’s: 900mhz! You read that right…the base to phone is 5.8, but the phone to base is 900mhz! No wonder the range is terrible. From the description on Amazon:

That’s not the worst of it. Not only is it 900 Mhz, it’s also analog so anyone with a capable scanner can pick up your conversations with zero effort. Based on some of the reviews I wouldn’t be surprised if the people with scanners could even hear you better than the person you’re talking to ;^)
Save the $20 until you can afford DECT phones or at the very least something digital (DSS, FHSS, etc).

I work selling cordless phones, and uniden is the bottom of the barrel.
Plus I have had trouble with uniden before.

Too bad I pushed order button before reading the forum…is there a way to cancel the order?

I bought this at woot for $10 more a month or two ago! Bad woot!

Sent a cancel email to service@woot.com…not sure if it works…

No speaker kills my need to a phone. Should have read reviews… Who still makes a phone without speaker? Even most mobile phones with a speaker!

Glad I read the forum. I am in need of new phones, and want to have the same throughout the house. I will now hold off.
What is the difference with the new DECT technology?

What a waste of money these things are. I bought them about 3-4 months ago from woot, and could only stand using them for a week. A friend actually hand delivered me a new phone so I would quit using them.

i was considering the hammer from yesterday more than these.