Uniden 5.8Ghz 3 Handset Phone with Answering System

NO NO NO … 5.8ghz…you will have problems if you have WiFi. I need phone sys , but 5.8 is no good…get the 6.0

If you have something like a home security system, you need to maintain at least a basic land line to the house. I’ve got mine running on a VOIP line, but, it’s still a land line when it comes down to it. I can’t imagine spending the amount of money to get unlimited minutes on a cell phone when I can spend $25 / month and get VOIP with all of the features that a cell phone can’t offer…at least not one from Sprint.

I’ve owned two different sets of Uniden phone (gave the first set away when I upgraded) and I was very satisfied with both. I’m in for 2 as gifts to friends with crappy phones.

“We’ve traced the call… it’s coming from inside the house.”

Refurbs rock IF they’re refurbed from a quality item to begin with…

Landlines mandatory here in Florida - must be able to call the roofer after a hurricane or two. Cell phones with jammed service is like talking on a banana…

Very disappointed in these phones. People tell me that I sound like I’m in a tunnel or that I have a cold. When I call home all I get a wicked echo. Need to replace them.

It’s just you.

There are still plenty of places where landlines exist but cell coverage stinks (like my home and my place of work). For this more common than you think scenario, woots like this one exist.

I decided to order this phone set.

All cell phone service in my residential area is ‘spotty’ and not exactly what I would call dependable. Our current home cordless phone is rather old and the buttons have become temperamental and it has no speakerphone capability.

At $29, I’m willing to take a chance with this woot.

I have these phones. They are great 99% of the time. Occasionally (very rare) I do get some interference from somewhere. I can’t figure out what operates on this frequency though. These are actually my office phones since I work from home so they are good enough for me to trust my business on them… I bought them new about 6 months ago from Fry’s for $75.

I was thinking about buying a bunch of these, just because about a year back Woot had some Refurb phones, and when everyone got them, a lot of them still had messages and stuff on them. I think someone was going to set up a website for the messages, but I don’t know what ever happened with that.

/New cell phone
//little money
///too bad…

I have used Panasonic as well as Uniden phones and have found the latter to be actually better. Not that panny is bad, but uniden provides more features at a lower price and is in no way inferior to panny.

I got one… We love Uniden phones and of all the reviews I’ve found on this model, the only bad ones were unfounded.

One reviewer said you couldn’t dial from the caller ID list, but a quick search through the downloadable manual proved her wrong:

Great deal, these things originally retailed for over $100.

Poor Stacy, I think she needs a restraining order…

My ATT set needs replacing after one handset fell of a table and the lcd screen cracked. It would be over 2x this much to replace it. Gonna take a chance.

I bought a speakerphone from Staples to put near my computer so I could make calls and still work on the computer. When I did that, I could no longer control the volume of the ring and I had this buzzing sound that I am sure is coming from the closeness to the computer.

a) why does that happen?
b) will this phone do the same thing?
c) can it be prevented?

Was that an attempt to be humorous?

I have these phones, less the other people’s spit. They are great! I loooove the caller ID that has robot lady’s voice that attempts to pronounce the caller. Its very funny if its an acronym.
Also, the guy calling Stacey is creepy! I’ve been there with stalkers and that one wasn’t very funny. Just sayin’, is all.

Bought these at Wal-Mart a few months ago. Haven’t had any issues with them. Dependable and worth the money.

Just bought this phone new off Home Shopping Network about two months ago for $99 and no shipping. It did come with 4 handsets though. No problems to date. I use it with VOIP network. I like that you can check your messages from any hand set.

From the specifications:

Nice job with the description there, woot.