Uniden 5.8Ghz 4 Handset Digital Expandable Phone w/Answering Machine

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Uniden 5.8Ghz 4 Handset Digital Expandable Phone w/Answering Machine
$49.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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  • 1 Uniden 5.8Ghz 4 Handset Digital Expandable Phone w/Answering Machine TRU9480-4

Cool, i have cell phone though…

lol how many do we need? 2 rooms, 4 phones?

Who even uses these types of phones anymore?

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Woot, love the extra arms joke! Thanks! Tell your copywriters not to despair.

I do dangit! (/runs sobbing back to the barn)

Believe it or not, not everyone is “hip” enough to use their cell phone in place of a landline yet. If I hadn’t just bought new phones, I’d be all over these.

I do already own these. No interference with my router. Sometimes the one near the microwave gets fuzzy. Keep in mind using a VOIP service. It’s nice to have a bunch of phones for when you lose one in a couch.

Good deal. Mine was $100.00 for two handsets, and I bought two extra handsets on discount at OfficeMax for $13.00 a piece.

But mine was the 2.4GHz version. I’ve had no problems with interference with my wireless network.

What operates at this frequency range that could interfere with reception, or on what devices could these phones cause interference? Something to look at…

The last set of referb phones I bought from here didn’t even come close to working.

Am I the only one who keeps saying to themselves “you know, I would buy this if it just wasn’t refurbished” almost every day on woot!? jeez this is getting kinda old

Oh no - not the darned Unidens again! Stayed up for nothing! Does anybody even care about such phones anymore?

Since these are refurbished, they may come already paired with a different base unit than the one you get with it. This happened to me with another wooted uniden phone a while back, I’ll quote myself from that woot, maybe it will help someone.

“i tried that it didnt work but I called Uniden customer support and they told me how to clear the EEPRAM and doing that got it to work. if anyone’s curious, unplug the battery, then hold down the # and * keys and plug the battery wire in, you’ll hear a beep, then press the right most menu button (directly under the screen) and it’ll clear the settings. then just unplug and replug the battery and it’ll be ready to register.”

Is this 5.8 from both the base station to the handset and the handset to the base station?

Many of these “5.8” cordless phones save on battery life by using a lower frequency for the handset transmit. That’s not a big deal when the frequency is 900 MHz (a good channel that, though a bit noisy, has good distance properties).

However, 2.4 GHz transmit can be pretty awful: you will knock around between your Wi-Fi devices and your microwave… plus, who wants that next to their heads?

Good luck!


Dang! You can add up to 6 more? 10 phones with one base?! Wow! My phone is limited to base + 3.

We got this phone at Sam’s Club. We like it. The phonebook copy feature is great. Enjoy!!!

We need new phones at work, but don’t like word refurbed.