Uniden 5.8GHz Cordless Phone w/ Digital Answering System



Oh you have to be kidding on this. And its refurbished too?

Uniden 5.8GHz Cordless Phone w/ Digital Answering System
$15.99+ $5 shipping

1 Uniden 5.8GHz Cordless Phone w/ Digital Answering System - EXAI5580


uniden = junk


here’s all the useful linkage, comparison engine links, necessary for this one… if only it were 1998… imagine how sweet this woot would be… … plus its un-new-ish… perfect.


Refurb? No thanks.


wow this is acutally a great deal…but too bad i havn’t had a land line in years…


Hm, refurbished, but Uniden’s are known to hold up well… A decent price, if not good. Might be worth a woot!


eww it’s refurb


refurbished = junk x 2


I have this model. I love it. It does everything a cordless set should. Volume is adjustable, range is good, and it’s packed with features.


Is this unit expandable or can it be used with the previous Uniden’s offered from woot ?


People still use land lines? Do you need special service for those?


Haha, woot wins with the ANTM mention!


Does this phone mess with wifi?


I’ve sold several Uniden phones at my retail store, over half came back with a problem or lousy connection. Uniden is a hit/miss deal, good luck.


You’d know if you read the description.


I like my Uniden phone now but not into the refurb


people still use phones?


What a weird large cell phone. What’s this answering machine thing? Is it like voicemail?


I have purchased a lot of Uniden phones - new and refurbs (some from w00t!) - and this is the only model I have had problems with (static when I’m more than one room away from the base). But at $16 it’s hard to argue against it.