Uniden 5.8Ghz Digital Cordless Phone with Dual Handsets



Uniden 5.8Ghz Digital Cordless Phone with Dual Handsets

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    1 Uniden TRU8860-2 5.8Ghz Digital 2 Handset Speakerphone


Had some before…
Won’t be making that mistake again


Hahaha, I bought these maybe a month ago, they’re not bad.


If you get these, you can put one upstairs and one downstairs… and talk to other people in your house.



w00t! I don’t have a landline!


I have a set of uniden phones… they work fantastic. To bad these are Refurb or I would buy a set… its a great price.


Sweet! I just need 7 more roomates, then we could all have a phone at once! 5.8G is a wave I feel comfortable with. I’m in for three, if I can just find my wallet…


ewww, refurbished, good luck with that


Lol nice description woot.


I have a pair of these, they are all right, at sometimes only one of the two works over a call (answer the phone upstairs, can’t use the one downstairs). They sound pretty good, I don’t know about refurbs at this price!


I own these phone and they do not interfer with my netgear router and vonage, one of the few phone that do not. I know it should the the 5.8, But we had other brands that just made our reception crackle.


my parents have these phones, I like them. They get the job done and have a good sound quality. I have one in my dorm room and haven’t ever had issues with them. Range on them is pretty good as well. My parents house is fairly large and I go outside with them and will walk around in the yard (also decent sized with lots of trees) and the phone works everywhere on the property


I bought the AT&T 5.8 with three handsets from Woot, so I don’t need these.

Night, everyone.


Great phones, I love my two and hopefully I’ll be able to expand mine to four now… Woot!


When it comes to cordless, Uniden has always been the “Laverne” to the Panasonic “Shirley”. But having owned numerous sets of both brands, I can attest to the line between the two becoming ever so blurry.


Have had these phone for a long time now. No problems, work great.


I would consider buying this if Woot offered the extra handsets to expand the system. I need a system with 6 stations. This system is expandible to 10 stations, but they are not offering additional handsets.

  1. Referb
  2. Uniden

I smell double trouble


i still have a landline, but i dont know why…havent used it in months.