Uniden 5.8Ghz Dual Handset Cordless Phone

hot tub time machine

People still use home phones? Weird…


RAWWWRRR :angry:

And so it begins…

What the… does anyone even use real phones anymore?

I love my Unidens. I use them for room-to-room communication even though I don’t have a landline.

Does anyone even own a house phone anymore?

had this same one, lasted 3 months

Doesn’t work with Windows 7

grrrrr… doesn’t everybody just use their cell phone?

Help! The Woot-off checker at WWW.MyWoot.Net isn’t working! I don’t see the progress bar or hear the rooster. What’s going on?

It might be different from the Uniden I have, but I’ve heard from people these are generally cheap. With mine, you can’t listen to messages while on the phone, and the speakerphone has always been really difficult to use. To save battery presumably, it only produces sounds that are loud enough, so for half the time I have to check to see if it’s still connected or not.


Gee can’t we all be like you?

Guess you don’t have any kids.

I have the EXACT phones! Of course, I got mine off of a free group, but I wanted to do kartwheels when I picked it up! They’re awesome! You can check your answering machine from the base AND either handset, tons of ringers to pick from, easy to use/set up! I just have a basic line for my fax machine/extra line (used primarily to call my missing cell phone) - the answering machine and ability to check it from any hand set AND you can call and check your messages, too is an excellent touch.