Uniden 7" LCD Touchscreen & Two Outdoor Cams

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Uniden 7" LCD Touchscreen & Two Outdoor Cams
Price: $119.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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I’ve had these for about a year now. It was the only system i could find where i didn’t have to have a tiny screen or a huge dvr. It works great, i run it all they and turn it off when we go to sleep. I used it when our baby was little and still use it to keep an eye on the little one when needed. I can unplug it, go take a dump and be able to carry it with me and even push to talk. I noticed when it runs on one camera only (not recycling mode) it freezes after about 5-6 hours or until you unlock it by refreshing. Good product, possibly the only one mid range. cameras are clear when enough light. at night they go into a gray scale fuzz but still can tell what goes on. I got mine for about $160 in amazon. hope it helps.

If the camera wireless why does the picture show a wire on them


The camera transmits to the tablet via wireless, however the camera still requires an AC power cable.

The Power Supply…

Just curious how clear the picture is (definition). How many hours of recording time fits on the 8 gig mem stick with 2 cameras? Does it record off the mic as well or is that only for real time listening?

Is there a power saving mode option that turns off the monitor screen after a period of time but keeps the monitor on for audio and internet connectivity? If I am away from home, I must leave the monitor on which is connected to my router to view video on a mobile device, but does the display remain on at all times?