Uniden Auto Jump Starter with Air Pump

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Uniden Auto Jump Starter with Air Pump
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4.2 Stars over at Amazon

I smell a rodent.

First, there are only four reviews in total. Second, they are all for a different product (the 12000 mAh version, not the 6000 mAh version being sold here). Third, the three highest reviews are very suspect three word or less reviews (“Great product!”) from anonymous sources (“Amazon Customer”).

The only review that comes from someone obviously real, and has more than 3 words, is for two stars and says it was a defective product.

It might be time to note that on Amazon one can purchase the 8000 mAh version (ie, a bit more juice) for the same price as the one advertised here.

Once again, the new Woot! has disappointed me.

Seems to be a norm. Their little witand puns attempt is actually laughing at customers who buy into it.

Agree on the vermin status

If you research these things online, larger engines and many trucks will likely need 18000mAh to produce enough usable starting amps to start larger 8 cylinder engines (or diesel engines). 12000mAh versions should start most 6 cylinder engines. I wouldn’t buy this one given it is only 6000mAh and would likely only work with mildly discharged batteries on 4 cylinder engines. If you have a mid sized or larger engine, or if you need to start cars with completely dead batteries in cold weather, spend $20 more (or $40 more if you want the pump) and get one that has the capacity to start your car when you really need it to start your car. I have an 18000mAh Floureon T3 model (Chinese brand sold under many different names) that has started my 4.6 liter v8 twice (before I bought a new Interstate Battery – the best) – plus I helped out a stranded stranger on Christmas Eve as well (the third car start on the device) and still have three out of four bars of power on the original charge that came on the device when shipped. It is supposed to provide five car starts before needing to recharge, so I have not recharged it yet.

I’d be skeptical about this thing. I bought something from Sam’s for $50 that is shaped like a battery. It has been able to jump my 6.3l V8 AMG and my Mazda Protege on the same charge. I don’t know if this would turn over my E-Class and I highly doubt it would turn over my 4x4 Ford diesel. I think the one I got from Sam’s will, but hope to never find out. It also has USB, light, compressor, and cigarette adapter. It is bulkier though, but only around 10lbs. Food for thought.

MRAWill is right. For a diesel engine car/truck, you need some power. These sub 10k mAh don’t cut it. I got one that sports 30kmAh but haven’t used it yet. Mine is for my 2013 VW TDi Passat. I have a couple of 12k mAh’s that I keep in my kids car and my jeep. Though the last battery I got was a Red Top that’s 2 years old now. Still flips the motor like it’s nothing (v6).

I don’t know where you are looking but three of the four reviews have a real customer’s name on them and are marked as a verified purchase.

Seems odd to immediately say that Woot or Amazon is scamming you based on the number of words in a review. If you need to be that analytical - the two star review only has 7 negative words in it, the other 21 words were positive so it should be a 3 star review since 75% of the words are positive. :-/

@Dutchhater, seems like a moot point to criticize @Bione’s critical comment. None of the reviews apply as @Bione said since all the “reviews” are for a different product.

If you want more boosting capacity (350/700amp vs this one’s paltry 200/400amp) I’d recommend the following Stanley booster that has the same features.

However, most folks don’t have the patience to properly maintain a lead acid-battery based booster (top off the charge every 2-3 months) like this Stanley. Those with no maintenance patience are probably better off with these Lithium Ion-based chargers.

I’ve had the next model capacity up from this Stanley for many years - zero trouble and it has been able to start every car (many) I’ve tried.

Currently even less expensive on sale @ $44.97 via Walmart… and includes 2 x micro USB cables as a bonus:


Precisely my point. No one is scamming anyone, Amazon intentionally groups related products onto the same page and the reviews get combined. Also, it’s a moot point to criticize my critical comment on jerkface’s comment so pot, meet the kettle. You’re both black.