Uniden Auto Jump Starter with Air Pump

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Uniden Auto Jump Starter with Air Pump
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1/5/2016 - $49.99 - Click To See Discussion (10 comments)

Amazon has a few reviews, one of which is claiming it was responsible for a fire

Product Page with Manual

I saw that firestarter comment, plus it’s only $5 less here than on Prime. Was about to buy. Opah! …Put inna bucket & fugg it!

Wrong, that was for a different model with a totally different power pack design.

Based on these reviews at Amazon I see why this is selling so cheaply… http://www.amazon.com/Uniden-UPP60-Emergency-6000mAh-Starter/dp/B00T9MLKYA

In case anyone’s interested after reading the review of the battery catching fire…

Needles to say, it’s not a bad idea to keep an eye on most Any Li-ion batteries while charging. Li-ion batteries don’t like extreme heat or cold – reviews I’ve read of these jump starters commonly say the batteries don’t work if left in the car during winter, & left in the car during summer, they may develop bulging cases etc. And Li-ion batteries don’t like to be left for long periods unused with a full charge – we keep ours fully charged during winter, but leave it at 1/2 charge the rest of the year.

i bought one of these about 2 months ago. the battery doesn’t work anymore, and the compressor only hooks into the battery. so it’s absolutely useless. it worked for @ 2 charges, now it wont charge anymore. a waste of money. obviously these are old, and the batteries are exspired.

jumped my f150 with a v8

For the future generations, I realized this is sold out already. Got mine today and right out of the box the battery is dead: charged it for over 8 hours and the moment I unplug it from the wall, it immediately dies. Contacted Woot, hopefully they have another one or something better, but yeah it’s useless…