Uniden Bluetooth Headset

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Uniden Bluetooth Headset
$3.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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It’s okay.

There’s such thing as refurbished blue-tooth headsets??

I don’t like these things at all. People constantly have them shoved in their ears and think it gives them the right to talk on their cellphone where ever and whenever.

If I’m driving I’ll just…you know…not answer my phone. If they call twice I pull over (which has never happened). In the store, I wait until I’m outside before calling back. I don’t need to be tied to my phone 24/7.

Why wouldn’t there be?

There is such a thing as refurbished ladders.

Is it too late to buy this item and how do I buy it. It seems I’m only allowed to buy the 64 gig memory stick?

Bought one, figured for $4 and shipping it was worth checking it out. I was wrong. Not worth $4 plus shipping. Constant complaints by callers that they couldn’t hear me, signal was garbled, but as soon as I turned off the Uniden - no problem.