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Bullshit…the answer was 550, not 660. I’m positive I got it first, but alas, 404 error.


Well - on each day on and after the 5th day, 5 golden rings were given. That’s a total of 40 rings. But even that math doesn’t work.

Per the lyrics to the song, it’s 11 Pipers Piping, 10 Lords-a-leaping, and 5 Gold Rings. How did you get your numbers?

Apparently, from Wikipedia:

Credit where credit’s due. That’s funny right there.

Woot! I don’t know what variation you used but it wasn’t an American version. Bad Woot!

wow, looks like you’re right…I googled lords a leaping and the first result said 11…so that’s what I went with. The wiki does say 10 though. hmmm.

This isn’t fair. I know Woot wants to prevent robots and other nefarious types from sneakily getting a BOC via unscrupulous means but come on…

From wikipedia, the undeniable source of all human information:

There are many variations of this song in which the last four objects are arranged in a different order (for example—twelve lords a-leaping, eleven ladies (or dames a-) dancing, ten pipers piping, nine drummers drumming).[8] At least one version has “ten fiddlers fiddling,” and another has “nine ladies waiting.” Still another version alters the fourth gift to “four mockingbirds.”

quoth the wikipedia

Edit: point and laugh at my shame, that is what I get for posting on a slow connection

Was just about to link to this… I had to look it up on Wikipedia because I thought I was crazy when my math wasn’t working. I guess Woot runs on Ye Olde English?

Really? 550 != 660. Someone needs to go back to math class.

Also it would be handy if they chose a font size that actually displayed the full code.

In other words, knowing things matters not. You have to cheat off Wikipedia to have any hope.

Yeah, this is infuriating. A lot of these answers have poorly sourced numbers that have a multitude of answers, and getting them right is contingent on guessing what source Woot used, instead of having some care taken to only pick descriptions that have reasonable, unarguable definitions.

Oh nuts… they’re going for the FIRST version, not the more popular, current version… grumblegrumble I was pulling hair on that one.

Maybe the key here was to notice that the question used “a’leaping” instead of the more modern “a-leaping”?

And some parts to a Mustang GT

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