Uniden Cordless 2.4GHz Dual Handset Phone

What IS this thing?

do people actually use these things anymore?

a relic

mj - lol

can you use a phone cord and hook it up to the computer and use SKYPE? Just curious? I have a skype phone (cord) and it sucks.

the economy has even killed the Wootoff. can’t even get excited about buying worthless crapp anymore.


aka: the “totally gunna interfere with your wifi unless your rich enough to afford the 5.0GHz routers!” phones

It’s a dinosaur!

It also has this nifty new device called caller id

Where do you wind it up at?

Who in the hell uses corded phones?
Even third world countries use cell phones.

Woot off killer.

I’m going to bed.

Holy crap, they mentioned Crystal Pepsi in the description. Fantastic!

Dang I am desperate for one but I am not THAT desperate. I did not know they still made them in 2.4GHz and with the antenna still hanging from the handset !!!

Third world countries use cell phones as IED detonators.

Hmm…there’s an idea.

Whisky Tango Foxtrot!

This wootoff is



wow…this is like…so totally 90’s. =/

good night woot.

These are so awesome.
I am in for three.
Um, I have paid way more then this for mine
Uh, this kicks serious ass…

Screw it.

This item is un-shillable.

Go to bed.

See you guys in twelve hours.