Uniden DC40GT DashCam w/ GPS, Red Light Warning

Uniden DC40GT DashCam w/ GPS, Red Light Warning

1080p/30hz? Hardly a $100+ camera. GPS bloated this price. These also, like all of uniden cams, have terrrrriiiiible reviews. Majority 1 star reviews is a bad thing.
Get a camera with a capacitor and high heat defense or even a dual channel for recording the back or buy two so you can rear record also.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zn6Sd2PXtmQ great video tad dated but very very very informative.

It is actually for sale at $149.99 at best buy and $132 at walmart. I don’t see it on the mothership. The best I found anywhere else is $74 at ebay for a “new - open box” item, but many listings have similar prices to the best buy and wal mart prices.

This seems like a good deal but I’m curious from woot staff to confirm that these are new units, not refurbished units.

I’m also curious if anyone has first hand experience with this model. The reviews at best buy seem pretty good but I’d like some confirmation.

MisterTwister55 reviews it on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bNfR673jrU&t=86s

Hi! These are new condition items with a Uniden manufacturer warranty as shown on the listing.

Also, remember that the MSRP from the manufacturer is not the same thing as the sale price you’ll find online, etc etc


In for one. Reviews on Best Buy site are pretty good. :slight_smile:

Anybody else having trouble getting this thing to work? Seems that it’s not getting enough power and won’t stay on. It says low battery and shuts off after a few seconds. I charged it over night (via USB to the computer), plugged it back into the car and it worked for a day. Now back to low battery and shutting off after a few seconds. GPS isn’t working, either.

I found on Best Buy Q&A that other people had same issue. Seems to be battery failure.

Looks like I’ll have to return this. Sad thing is, I purchased this to replace a previous Woot dashcam that crapped out after a year and used a discount that I received for returning a different item.

Hey there! Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble. Have you reached out to Uniden regarding your issue? They may have a fix for you to save you from having to return it.

Thanks, I guess I’ll ship it to Uniden and see what happens, according to the one-year limited warranty given in the owner’s manual.

BTW, I noticed that the listing page includes “Warranty: 1 Year Uniden” but the PDF linked to is for “Uniden DFR7 LONG RANGE Radar/Laser Detector - Detailed User’s Manual”

Thank you. we need to look into that. I’ll send it on.

(The warranty is on the last page of that manual though so there’s that. )