Uniden Dect 6.0 4-Handset Phone System with Answering Machine & Hot Tub Handset

Wonder if I can talk underwater with this :wink:

2 questions, in case anyone has these and can help. I’m thinking about purchasing this for my mom, who desperately needs to replace her aging land-line system.

  1. Does anyone know if these handsets have headphone jacks?
  2. Does this have talking caller-ID? (where it reads the name of the person calling out loud during ringing)

$98.95 at outlet store

Mixed reviews

with several 5 star reviews

several one-star reviews

people still use land lines?

No belt clips on the indoor handsets–that’s a deal breaker for me which is a shame because this (with belt clips) is on my list

This would be good if you’re one of those parents who talks on the phone while giving the kid a bath!

We have a land line for our home security system, otherwise we wouldn’t have one at all.

Looking at the pictures, I noted no headphone jack, so this is a pass for me. A shame, too, as my current set of phones are rapidly dying and this would be about as much as replacement batteries, with the benefit of not having been dropped by me a few dozen times.

I don’t have a land line any longer but I still have my Uniden’s hooked up for the Intercom. Much better than screaming upstairs.

Are the phone cozies water resistant as well?

Another person who uses land lines.

No headphone jack ?? !!

For the last year or so, I haven’t seen
any phone with a headphone jack.

Don’t talk to me about the speakerphone,
it’s not the same thing.

Can you hear me now?

In lieu of belt clips, you could purchase a fanny pack to carry the phone around. Here is a link to one posted over on deals.woot.


User’s guide:


Edit: sorry, already on front page in description. Missed it. Face palm.

I’ve always liked the headphone jack in cordless phones,too and found a 5 phone system made by Panasonic at Costco that has the jacks. The model# is KX-TGA652. This was about 6 months ago. BTW the box didn’t say it had the jacks. I had to open it and look at the headset itself. Weird.
Good luck!
Bought these anyway since they are such a good deal and Uniden is a great product.

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Gonna get in the hot tub! Gonna make me sweat!

Can ET Phone home with this?

So since it doesn’t say it is a Refurb does that mean it has the full warranty with it?