Uniden Dect 6.0 4-Handset Phone System with Answering Machine & Hot Tub Handset

Do these come with a gift bag?..

I don’t have PCMCIA slots or home telephone service.

I’m thinking my mother may need this. She doesn’t have a phone in the shower yet.


Way to think of your mother…in the shower.

Anything "hot tub’ does not belong on home.woot.

Next up, refurbed Hot tub.

is she a MILF?

On the up side, the 1.9GHZ range shouldn’t interfere with your WiFi (either 2.4GHZ or 5GHZ). I have a Uniden that runs on the 5.8GHZ spectrum, and I have crackling issues with it. I suspect WiFi interference on the 5GHZ range.

Eddie Murphy could have used this.

This phone prevents your hot tub from becoming a time machine. Avoid.

Will it work in ponds? My fish have been hounding me for a phone, but I suspect that they just want to start ordering pizzas.

I’m tempted. Anything but 2.8 and 6.0 is pretty much useless in my house, either due to WiFi interference and/or the plaster, lath, selenium-core support beams, and funky wiring in my ancient house.

better buy three then

I’ve been waiting for Bayou Dirt and a starcraft keyboard. anybody seen those come up yet?

Wait, so this phone only works in and around your house? What kind of backwards technology is this? My phone works everywhere!

Does anyone know if these handsets are compatible with the other prior woot offer of a uniden phone system (not waterproof) …I could use two more cordless phones.

Oddly there’s no mention of the call block feature in the linked manual. I was curious if I could also make it ignore unknown/blocked calls but I don’t see any mention on how to use it even when there is an attached number…

Just FYI I got two sets of these last time, and they are NOT expandable past 6 if you use a hottub phone. I called uniden and they sent me two regular handsets free. also dont expect to be able to register these beyond 6 handsets on your own, it takes about 117 steps on the phone with uniden, beyond that they work great.

The dirt was up early this morning.