Uniden DECT 6.0 Corded/Cordless Phone w/ Dual Keypad

More useless junk

What is the cord used for??

I laughed.

Was actually looking for a home phone solution just it comes with 1 extension and it is probably impossible to find extensions for these now.

What is a “home” phone?

you’ll need a new battery after a few months

People still use land lines?!

I kid, I kid. I still use mine, for one.

Its not the cord that makes this a win, its the dual keypad

-Maximum Voice Security
-Clearest Voice Reception
As opposed to what?

How do those even count as “features”?

…huh? What is that?!

Dog jump rope.

Unless they only have 4 of these this could take awhile.

Landline? Check. Corded? Check. Refurbished? Check. Totally Useless Junk? Check.

Passes all the checks. Everyone, order three!

The cord is so you don’t lose it.

These are great if you experience power outages. Convenience of the cordless phone, plus you can still make calls in an emergency or if the cordless dies.

I would appreciate it if Woot could refrain from taking God’s name in vain.

Not everyone on the internet is an athiest.

This would have been a great deal 7 years ago when I last purchased a phone for my home.

Just sold two nice cordless home systems for a whopping $6.

To plug into your Dell laptop.

I kid…