Uniden DECT 6.0 Cordless 4 Handset Phone with Digital Answering System

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Uniden DECT 6.0 Cordless 4 Handset Phone with Digital Answering System
$39.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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DOH! I thought that said Unicorn Detector, I was almost in for 3.


hmmm…something seems amiss here

Aside from faxing, who uses land lines any more? :slight_smile:

Almost the same as earlier in this woot-off… only that one had three handsets, and this has four.

Will this make my phone calls taste sweeter…I mean sound better?

Uniden!! Nooo why would you leave your last building!!

Do not buy these…instead buy the one I bought and can’t even get a relative to take for free now.

The quality of these things sucks.
Hardcore suckage.

Apparently cell coverage is weakest in Utah…

wow, this popped up mere moments after I tweeted to @w00t that I was sad to have missed it earlier! I feel so powerful!! MWAHAHAHA!

This was cheaper brand new at costco. But it was a closeout. I bought mine there. I use it for my home office line clearer than a cell in my area and I need a back up in case the cell loses connection.

Actually landlines are not needed to fax anymore. LOTS of people are using fax/email gateways. My ISP just informed us of a new service of exactly that. You upload a PDF and it goes out as a fax, and incoming ones are converted into PDF and put in your email inbox.

I will never give up my land line! You will have to pry my land line from my cold dead hands!

Actually I have 11 land line phones in my home!

Hey it has a trilingual handset menu–I can finally practice all the French I took in high school!

WhaTehFoudge is up with phones not having a MUTE button anymore?!?

I had some old Unidens years back (a pair of 2.4GHz) and they worked great – only replaced them due to the interference issues with WiFi (I’ve had GE DECT phones since then).

Believe it or not, I’m not buying this set ONLY because there’s no mute button! I only have two feature requirements: handset speakerphone and mute button. What gives with these manufacturers of late?

Who/what is a faxing?

Am I the only one who called the number listed in the description and then immediately regretted that decision?

Don’t look at me! I put it in google and saw that it was a telemarketer. Call them and they’ve got your number!