Uniden Dect 6.0 Cordless Phones With Answering



So, do you still have a landline? :slight_smile:


Why did they take headset jacks out of phones? WHY? Speakerphone is NOT a substitute for a headset any more than Dr.Pepper is a substitute for root beer, Taco Bell.

They have Trilingual voices and menu displays, but no headset jack? I hope my headset jack phone never dies!


I don’t have a traditional landline. I have a Magic Jack, because I don’t get cell service in half my house. And I don’t have 3000 minutes to use either. It’s not stellar, but neither is my cell phone.


I have owned several brands of phones over the years and I can say that Uniden has been the absolute best. No other brand has even come close. The Uniden I have now is over 10 years old and when the time comes that it no longer works and cannot be fixed, I’ll replace it with another Uniden.


Wow does this corded/cordless combo have horrific reviews. 15 reviews for a total of 1.5 stars. Brutal.

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Easy to fix. Get a Cellular Amplifier. No brag, just fact, I’ve sold 100 in about 8 years by word of mouth. Don’t buy the cheapest, you get exactly what you pay for with less actual range, call quality, etc. But even a cheap one is better than nothing!


A signal amplifier does nothing for limited cell minutes, nor having multiple handsets in different locations, and, sadly, I’ve never heard a recent cell phone that sounds even as good as magicjack, let alone digital voice service from a cable company, or an actual POTS line.

A “home phone” (even if it’s VoIP) is also still really convenient when you want to get in touch with a household, or a family member without their own cell phone (like a younger kid), etc. Unlimited minutes to at least the US and usually Canada/etc are almost always included with VoIP service too.

Not saying these are the best phones for the job (I have no experience with these), but if you have an actual house and an actual family there are many advantages to still having some kind of home phone service.


Wow. I saw these phones and came here to warn people away! Sounds like we have a wide difference of opinion. Or perhaps the current phones just aren’t as good as your older one.

As far as I’m concerned, Uniden phones are absolute junk. I’ve now had to replace our home phones for the second time because the keypads stopped working. The last set I had was purchased here from Woot in November 2008 and I tossed them back in April more or less. I did everything I could to keep them usable, including rotating handsets around to spread the wear, opening them up to clean the contacts, etc. Eventually they all failed with no ability to view CID, no scrolling, etc. Junk.

The Panasonic units we’re now using have the same range and audio clarity (plus call blocking, which is great). Hopefully they won’t fail after just a couple of years of usage like the Unidens.


Yes, in fact, we do. Anyone who makes international calls frequently sure as heck aren’t going to be using their mobile phone. Vonage gives us international long distance for free for the countries we care about (mostly UK).

Or, since we’re using Vonage, maybe it’s not really a landline. :slight_smile:


I was about to pull the trigger on the corded unit. I don’t need 5 handsets, but I figure I could put them in the bathrooms or two in the larger rooms in my house.

But the negative reviews have stayed my hand. Reliability issues plus refurb equals no go.


Agreed. The headset jack on one of my Panasonic units died, and I threw it away. Two units left. I fear that when those finally die, no one will be making cordless phones with headset jack.


If these were 2-Line phones…would have been an automatic purchase.

The best dual line home phone systems are still AT&Ts.

Love my AT&T TL86109…have my good old basic copper POTS Line for emergencies (it comes in handy…believe me), my VOIP Line via OOMA, and it connects via Bluetooth to my Mobile #. Best. System. Ever.


Ooma… It costs me $3.47 per month.


OK. So what about “Global Page”?!? I haven’t been able to find a phone with this feature since Motorola stopped making cordless phones.

And I agree with the headset jack being a necessary piece.

I have had bad experiences with Uniden, too. Have taken back to different systems over the years.

(Oh, and me and my Obi110? $1.50/month.)


I wanted to pull the trigger on one of this, but can’t. I can live without a headphone jack, but with no bluetooth headphone/earpiece support either, this is just a no-go for me.


After checking out the Amazon reviews, I think you’re right. There are several reviewers who’ve had Unidens before and, like me, were very happy with them…but this series seems laden with problems. I hope they get their act together by the time I need another phone. :stuck_out_tongue:


Uniden used to make really good phones but sadly I think that’s a thing of the past.

Yet another company going down the tubes due to cheap manufacturing standards. And I was actually interested in the handset phone with the 5 satellite phones. A shame.


The first and last Uniden I owned lasted less than 6 months, it’s junk. If you want a home phone get the Panasonic with link to cell, you’ll be able to sync and use your Panasonic home phone with your cell, giving your cell better reception and coverage.