Uniden Dual Handset 5.8GHz Speakerphone and Digital Answering System


[imgleft]http://www.woot.com/Images/Sale/Uniden_TRU5885-2_Dual_Handset_5.8GHz_Phone-thumbnail.jpg[/imgleft] Uniden Dual Handset 5.8GHz Speakerphone and Digital Answering System - Saturday, November 19, 2005
Item qty: 700, Last Order: 2:16 PM CST, Wooter to blame: jamesadamo
Order Pace: 1m 13.380s, Woot Wage: $2,943.11/hour.


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I’m guessing this is just a midnight Woot — hope it’s a back to back Woot Off though! :>) Don’t ever remember ending prior Woot Offs on such a down note. BTW, where is the podcast for today’s Woot?

Uniden Dual Handset 5.8GHz Speakerphone and Digital Answering System

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TRU dat!
The promotional copy for these phine, phunky phones says they utilize “the latest in cutting edge technology,” and aren’t you relieved? There’s nothing worse than outdated cutting-edge technology. That bit of redundant marketing is the only thing we don’t like about ‘em, though. Here’s what we do like:

They transmit on frequencies that are well nigh interference-free, and at juiced-up power levels, too. Result? Clearer, higher-quality audio, whether you’re talking to live single girls in your area who want to party or getting a guilt trip from mom. Why do you never visit her, anyway?

You want features? ‘Cause these suckers have features. Dual speakerphones (both on the handsets and base) let you talk on the phone while leaving both hands free to gesture expressively, though it will be lost on the party at the other end of the line. There’s an integrated digital answering machine with all the capabilities you’d expect (like remote message check). And, of course, you got your flash, pause, hold, and redial with memory storage of the last three numbers you dialed. Handy, too, is that you can dial from the handsets or from the base.

The handsets (two included) use digital spread spectrum transmission for mad range, yo, while keeping static to a minimum. By comparison, any other phone sounds like it transmits on Channel Z. They also have the kind of heft and aerodynamics that Russell Crowe would appreciate.

The three-line handset LCDs work in conjunction with caller ID services so you can call those neighbor kids back to explain that actually, what you meant was that your refrigerator was functioning normally. In addition to your speed-dial presets, the TRU5885-2A1 will store a handsome hundred names and numbers.

Warranty: 90 days


5.8 GHz Digital Spread Spectrum
Dual Handset System (2 handsets included in package)
Digital Answering System
Base Dual Keypad/Speakerphone
Handset Speakerphone
Caller ID/Call Waiting
Handset to Handset Call Transfer
Tri-Lingual Caller ID Display Menus
Phone Book Memory
100 Dynamic CID/Memory Locations
Headset Jack
4 Melody Ring Tones
6 Ring Tones
Handset Status LED
Last Three Number Redial
Any Key Answer
Battery Life
Caller ID Scroll During Call
NiMH Battery Included
New Message Waiting Indication (H/S LED)
Trilingual Voice Prompts in Answering System


Not phones…




i have a cell phone with a million minutes i don’t need one of these


A phone… I called this one.


Too expensive. These woots suck…


Loved the Woot-off.

Thanks for a fun albeit sleepless night Woot.


got this phone for $30 6 months ago


Whew - My BOSS is Glad the woot off is over! - The one at home and the one at work!

These phones look good and they won’t mess your wireless stuff -


VERY nice, and Uniden is great!!


Not for me, just bought a set. If I only knew…


Stats still showing woot off info, but, I think it’s over with.


What a serious letdown. Time for sleep.


They are refurbished. keep that in mind


yuck. All cell phone in this household, no use for these.

And what’s with Scotty on the product stats still?


sweet way to end a woot off, sweet woot, sweet


nice phone good price tks


Refurbed again?