Uniden Indoor Wireless Surveillance System with 3” Monitor & 2 Cameras

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Uniden Indoor Wireless Surveillance System with 3" Monitor & 2 Cameras
$99.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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First 4 cameras, then 3, now 2…

can someone spot me $100.00 for these?

For the ‘Paranoid Uncle Joe’ in your family.

For when you suspect your wife might be cheating on you while you are still home…

side by side, do you get 3d surveillance?

Aaaaaaaand its gone!

Oh god that write-up is disturbing.

How many surveillance systems does one wootoff need? Enough already!

Oh BoC, where art thou?

If anyone wants to sell one of these, please contact me --> (mod: please use pm and not posting emails!)
I have twins on the way and these would be perfect.

Thanks in advance!