Uniden Phones



Feel free to add your thoughts on these phones, and your best work safe “Call Me Maybe” parody video!


bought the 3HS phone a month or so ago and just got around to setting it up. Only 2 of the handsets work and I’m still waiting to hear back from WOOT about that. Update: just went on the Uniden website to look for an owner’s manual and either the model number listed here is incorrect or the phone is so old it’s not listed. There is no D1608 on the website; only D1680’s.


I had a great 3 hs Uniden model form a few years ago that lasted forever and took a beating.
THe jury is still out on my new ones. I bought the 3 cordless phones + the waterproof refurb. The three regular phones drop calls and say “out of range” at least once every few phone calls. It even happens whe I’m standing right next to the base. The only handset that doesn’t do it is the waterproof one. But that one works great and REALLY is waterproof.

On the bright side, they were cheap!


What are these supposed to be?


I’d entertain amusing suggestions. :slight_smile:


People still use these things? How retro.


I got the 1480 model from woot a while back. Have it hooked to my landline, and it works fine. I have a phone wall jack in my kitchen, so I got this wall mount bracket for the base (good price too):


Here is the manual for the 1480 series:



I recently hooked up an Ooma VoIP system (also gotten from woot). I haven’t tried the Uniden on that yet. I am wondering if it will be able to access the Ooma voicemail. Anyone have any experience with Uniden and Ooma?




does anyone know if this phone has a headsetjack


does anyone know if this phone has a headsetjack


can this take regular AA NiMH batteries?


I don’t think any of them have headset jacks anymore. Apparently, speakerphone is supposed to be a substitute. NOT!

I hope my Uniden never dies, because I can’t replace it. I’ve had it for probably 8 years, and only had to replace the batteries this year.


Crap, I wanted to know this too. Hubby uses his headset when on conference calls, but our old phone set is dying and we need a new one. FWIW it’s a Uniden set we’ve had for over 6 years and it’s just now fading.


Can you use more than 1 of the handsets at the same time on the same call?


Will this work with my iPod?


I bought a Uniden set here a couple of years ago. I HATE them! For one thing, the ringtones absolutely SUCK! I ended up setting mine on the Star Spangled Banner because I cannot bear any of the other ringtones. They go through batteries too fast. One of the handsets won’t work b/c I put the wrong size battery in by mistake. Didn’t realize it was the wrong size, now the handset is kaput. I think one of the reasons people are giving up on landlines is the terrible quality of the PHONES we have to plug into them! (Not that our cell phones are much better.)


It usually disappears once I hang it up, and pick up another handset.

It certainly seems like they might have had a receiver problem with these. I have to pay attention to see if it’s just one specific handset that’s doing it or all of them. i did notice that the problem is non existent on the waterproof handset.


“Conference mode.”
Fancy, right?