Uniden R1 Long Range Radar/Laser Detector

Uniden R1 Long Range Radar/Laser Detector

Loved these units in the 90s. Waze is cheaper and works better. Unless you drive areas that are not well travelled and nobody has seen or snitched on the popo the radar detectors are not super useful. That said. This is s solid unit. Not quite a V1 but really good at 1/2 the price of the Valentine.

RonMel is on point. Back in the 90’s with the lower national and regional speed limits, having some protection was very valuable. Your options back then were either running a radar detector or a CB. Today, I can easily cruise to and from work at speeds that would have gotten you arrested 10 years ago without too much worry. I also run Waze for the value of advance notice of traffic jams and maybe a sneaky Trooper here or there. In my state of VA these are outlawed anyway.
I also wonder if false alerts are an issue when they are near a new car or truck that’s equipped with radar cruise control.


I think everyone in VA can safely go 10-15 mph over the speed limit on the highway and no one will care. 264 and 64 are insane.

I have the R3. This thing is amazing. I get false alerts sometimes from Honda/Acura. We play a game sometimes called spot the Honda. Other then that I love it. The range is insane I got 2 mile moonshot detections sometimes. GPS is good but if you don’t need it the r1 is a good deal.

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That’s what I have a speedometer and cruise control for.

Whatever you guys do - DO NOT give any actual information for anyone who might have a legitimate reason to enquire about the product - DO EXPLAIN - loud and clear - why YOU don’t need it and why given that YOU don’t need it, no one else should neither. Got it ? Good.

The R1 is an amazing device with detection capabilities that some competitors charge more than the double the price for. It also has MRCD detection capabilities, which is what the new NYC cameras use (there will be 750 new ones by the end of the year, rejoice).

The caveat is that, unlike it’s big brother the R3 (same device with a GPS chip) - the R1 does not have GPS and will neither be able to use a GPS based database with known threats, neither go in quiet mode when driving under a pre-set speed.

All in all, a lot of bang for the buck.

PS: For people happy with just Waze (perfectly fine) - you can thank the people who use both Waze AND a radar detector for those hidden speedtrap listings that someone put on Waze when everybody else missed them.


After buying a detector that has GPS I’d never go back to one without. My detector automatically filters out false alerts after the third time it picks up the same signal in the same location. It also alerts me to traffic cameras whose locations have been programed into the database. I’d spend a few extra bucks and get a detector with GPS.


I can’t use a radar detector regularly because I do most of my driving in Virginia. I do like to use one on road trips though, because, fun fact, Virginia is the only state that outlaws them for non-commercial drivers. So, I asked this question specifically when I was buying a car equipped with radar cruise; not an issue. The radar cruise uses mm wave radar, as opposed to the microwave frequencies used by police and detected by this device. You’ll probably get more false alarms from motion detectors on the X-band than anything else.

Living in the Tri-State area, I can tell you that without a single doubt, Virginia has the single worst drivers in the East Coast. I don’t know what is wrong with drivers out there, but they are either going 15 under the speed limit, or driving off the road. I’ve never seen so many ridiculous drivers in my life.

I’m kind of glad these aren’t legal out there. Ya’ll don’t need to do anything but focus on the road. This is coming from a Philly driver who spends a lot of time in Jersey, Delaware and New York.

Woot/Amazon/Best Buy have been trying to dump the Uniden R1/R3 units for about a year now. This is a typical sale price on these. When Woot drops these to around $100, I’ll be in for one. Until then, I’ll wait for the R7 to drop to a reasonable price. Directional sensors are amazing in Jersey and PA where cops love hiding on overpasses.