Uniden R3 LongRange Radar/Laser Detector

Uniden R3 LongRange Radar/Laser Detector

These are great detectors, great range, in my case 10 miles on flat ground, however they do have a problem with “Intelligent cruise controls” especially Honda, and GMC. One other big thing is the OLED display, It’s great in the first year or two, but then “burn in” takes over and the display (after 5 years) is damn near useless.


I have one of these, I’m assuming the refurb is for the repair of the speaker failing like mine did.
Great price, mine was $400 new, plus $90 to get it fixed out of warranty.
Phenomenal detector, picks up radar before the radar even gets out of bed to go to work.
I nixed everything but Ka band to keep the noise down, easily saved me a few hundred $$$ in unwanted law enforcement encounters.

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I ran Escort 9500ix’s for 10 years. IMO, they are still great detectors but with the new BSM’s on some cars and intersection traffic flow sensors, they were annoying. So, I replaced them with a R3 and R7 units. I’m new to the OLED scene but I’m more about freq’s and voice alerts so I keep mine pretty low. I ran my R3 at first in a 2019 VW Atlas with all the gizmos. ACC, which I think is what you are calling ICC but with that said, I’ve never had a problem with either. The Jeep and some Caddi’s set it off but mine now mutes itself when it encounters those systems. Hondas? GMC’s, not a peep. You can make adjustments (check out Vortex Radar on Youtube). Great instructions on setting them up. I’ve now put the R7 in the VW and the R3 in my Jeep. I sure don’t miss the false alerts I had with my escort. IMO, both Uniden’s are solid and the range is tops for the money. Sure, get a Escort 360 for hundred’s more but at the end of the day, all you need is to get that alert to make sure you are at the speedlimit. All the rest is fluff. FWIW… I got BOTH mine off woot.