Uniden TRU4485-2 2.4GHz Dual Handset Speakerphone


Welcome to the Woot-off item 11 topic page for this product on Friday, January 21st, 2005. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments here…


terrin, you have been [color=red:edb1a0dd42][size=24:edb1a0dd42]0wn3d[/size:edb1a0dd42][/color]

Woot Off First W00t #2

that whole second is the difference between being a w00tmaster and a w00tloser…


anyone buying this?

beat by a whole second…


Nice if you need a phone… but I’ve already got 'em…

Next! :slight_smile:


You peeps think your neat with the time traveling eh, not cool. Go hack a Shi**y site…

This phones are refurbs and sell for 40$ on other sites also. Judgement call on this one, I think it will be round for awhile so I am going to crash. I do have 6 g-mail invites if anyone wants one…


slow sales or LOTS of phones


First page!


I’ve been waiting for this one! I"ve got the same system, but broke the main phone, so now I’ll have this plus my old base station, plus my extra handset, so a three handset system!



too much :evil:


3rd post! :smiley:


Thank you Woot! Lost one of ours and the other is taped together. Perfect timing.

Now where is the bag of crap???


problem is, everyone has a phone already :<


Woot back up! 8)


3rd try 9th idiot, i guess the adventure kit will be later :


Maybe we can take a nap now…looks like a sleeper.


i’m sleepy woot! gimme somethin i need


I have similar ones, they ain’t that great but I got em at home depot for $60 and these are newer I think. Good deal if you need phones. Are these the kind that work as walkie talkies too?


this isn’t going anywhere.




Broke my woot virginity on this one…nice for the parents! :smiley: