Uniden TRU4485-2 2.4GHz Dual Handset Speakerphone


Welcome to the Uniden TRU4485-2 2.4GHz Dual Handset Speakerphone topic page for Monday, February 14th. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments here.


I have this phone, and have used it daily for a couple years. I love it, and the battery lasts like a week off the charger. The range is great too. I can get to the neighbors house, and it sounds crystal clear. I even dropped it in the pool once, and after it dried it still works like new (not that i recommend doing that) I paid about 90 bucks for it, if I recall correctl y too. It even has a channel changing button on the handset, so if it interferes with wireless network or anything, just push the button and it’s all better.

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watch out these may interfere with your Wireless 802.11B or 802.11G since they run on the same band,


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me too! just bought this setup–love it so far. :smiley:


$39.95 on eBay - had the same item not too long ago on Woot. New items are appreciated…!!!


NO WAY…too many Phones


No thanks… I hate talking on the phone. Can’t wait for my DVD player to come though!!


thinkin bout it


Another phone. Yawn, going to bed. Wake me up when it isn’t phones, please.


[color=blue:6df08832fc]!!! I stayed up 48 hours for THIS!!! Need 5.8…not 2.4, but my last Uniden phone was great.[/color]


:shock: :shock: :shock:


Everything I’ve been around from them has been poor.


I got these from the woot!-off. They work well, filter interference that other phones pick up. I would buy again.


Bad Woot! :frowning:


woots are repeating and getting boring… what’s next, an ab-tilt? :roll:



Yuk. Should have gone to bed.


GREAT DEAL!!! Searched and found to be 100 bucks anywhere else on the net.


So does this Play MPEG-4 or record MPEG-4 ??

If so, how much faster is it than an Axim ??

:shock: :shock: :shock:


Speaker phones are VERY handy…


Finally! Something I don’t need; I have spent $890.26 since I met you woot. Good Night!