Unisex Recovery Calf Sleeves (6 Colors)

Bought the Recovery Calf Sleeves (blue) in the last sale according to my calf measurements and using their chart and, even though I never used compression wear of any kind before, they seem to fit the way they should. For the price you get two high quality sleeves. I’ve only worn one on my bad leg for maybe 8 hours each day for 3 days and they do seem to provide comfort, so I’m very pleased. I’ll wear the other one today and wash the worn one by hand in Woolite and let air dry.

HEY WOOT: I’d like to help your sales by telling anyone who’s considering “any” of the 2XU items listed here just how well made they are, how well they work and about the accuracy of their sizing information. Unfortunately, the only ones who will benefit from my input are those looking at these Recovery Calf Sleeves! You and I, and frankly anyone with a brain, knows you would sell more if every person was made aware of input like mine regardless of the item they’re considering because my praise applies to every item produced by 2XU, i.e. every item in the category. But since you’ve made it so hard to disseminate information category-wide a great many customers will never see it and you will lose money because of it. And you are OK with losing sales? What I want to know is who makes these decisions and how did they ever get hired in the first place?