Unisoy Vegan Jerky, Variety- 6 Pack

Unisoy Vegan Jerky, Variety- 6 Pack

So what part of the vegan does the jerky come from?


Just came here to say I’ve tried a bunch of vegan jerkies because my girlfriend is vegan, and this one is definitely the best. We already have plenty of it, otherwise I’d order it!

How many servings per bag? Thanks.

The BEST part of course!

I’ll never understand why vegans need to eat plant based, extremely overprocessed ingredients made to look and taste like meat. I mean why eat imitation animal flesh? Why?
And it’s ALWAYS overpriced!!!
There, I’m done.
About this product…nah, no, never.

The ‘we really want meat’ part.


3.5 Servings Per Container
Serving Size 1 oz (28g)

Calories: 100

You know how we KNOW that bigfoot is not a vegan?
He would have told everyone by now.

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I don’t eat meat that came from factory farms. My grandparents had a small farm when I grew up. Chickens, pigs & a steer every year. Grandpa’s huge boar followed him around like a puppy. Sows raised their piglets the way nature intended. I’m pretty sure if people knew the suffering & squalor of factory farming many of them would give a damn.

We eat some meat, elk, deer & game birds. Occasionally we roast a chicken from a local farm. We also buy eggs from that farmer. I’ve seen the kinds of places that grocery store eggs come from. Disgusting.

Not everyone has the ways or the means to get the “good stuff” I am sure if they did, they would. Life is all about choices.
I am sure that you own items in your home that were made in factories where the working conditions were less than ideal and the people are living in bad conditions because of it.
It’s great when you are aware of a problem and can do something about it. But if a person knew about every bad situation that they are an inadvertent part to, they would just end it all. We have to shut some of it out at some point…
Either that or just drop out of society as a whole and go live in a cave somewhere…

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