Universal 10-in-1 Remote with 2 Outlet Control Switches

Can I plug this into my Mother-in-Law and hit the MUTE button?

If you get two sets, will they interfere with each other?

Anyone know the range of this thing? Can I use it on outdoor AC outlets while I sit comfortably inside?

Does this need a direct line of sight to the wall sockets? I think it’ll be much less useful if it does.

IMPORTANT: Each socket can ONLY take 220W of power! Don’t plug your big computer setup or home theater in. Plug in only one component. Though I wouldn’t plug an XBOX360 in…

Output Socket Power: 200W (must not exceed 220W)

My DVR + receiver + 46" TV is 320 watts alone - forget leaving your PS3 or XBOX360 on by accident.

Manufacturer wants $24.99 for one of these. Way to go Woot…now will anyone buy one??


Are the plug boxes IR? I would like to buy them to use with a harmony and program auto lighting for a home cinema.

So are these remote-controlled outlets IR or over a radio frequency?
Cause if over IR, that would be rather problematic for a lot of entertainment centers.
If they’re RF, then my only gripe is the 200W limit for them, which isn’t much a gripe.

Read it and weep: “Range of Operation: up to 50ft (unobstructed)”

I bought this from Menard’s not to long ago. I had one of the wireless deals plugged in with the coffee pot plugged in. Turned it on then off, then on ago and it blew out so now my wireless socket 1 is shot.

The overall remote is rather is of cheap quality.

I paid more when I got mine. I wouldn’t recommend this as your main remote. It is really only for fun.

Sounds like a bad Tiger Woods joke!

Do the outlet boxes have any kind of timer feature, or is it strictly an on/off toggle?

Those things have their own wireless control to turn it on and off.

I think the AC outlets are designed for things like small fans, accent lights in the room or a moving display case.

They could still be (weak) RF like the one I have, but I’m guessing IR. So many questions spring to mind about these, I’ll wait to see if someone finds the product manual…

Are these compatible with X10 systems?

A coffee pot draws hell of a lot more power than the maximum power these outlets are rated for.

Umm… So what else can you do with these things besides power things on & off with the remote? Why is the remote so complicated? Seems like it can do lots…

Can you post a link to the page where you found that information? :wink:


Universal 10-in-1 Remote Super Guide!