Universal Mosaic Touch Screen Remote Control



Who needs this? Seriously, thats a lot for a remote!


Universal Mosaic Touch Screen Remote Control

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    1 Universal Mosaic Touch Screen Remote Control - URC-9950


This is one of the best remotes. I own 2.


never heard of this brand??


Uh, are you serious? Good ones cost hundreds, if not thousands.


this remote looks weak
time for bed!


Wow, that’s pretty. I’m tempted.

Does it heavily drain batteries, though?


does this play psp games?


I wish there were a screen shot - I wanna see how large things are and what color!


bah…i like my logitech 880


Had to get it. Hope it works with my crazy Japanese Brand Media Center!


How come the screen is just black…


um, no, this is cheap for a decent remote. if this is in fact a decent remote. i have no idea. but learning functions and a touchscreen? try finding that for 40 bucks at radioshack.

this password post thing doesn’t work right with my setup somehow… serenity now!

This looks like the same thing but in black.


My Palm will do that.


Froogle: $39.99

Froogle link


ama**n user reveiws look good… I’m building my own mythTV box and wouldn’t mind getting a decent remote, too bad if I got this I’d have to build my own IR reciever too.


Excellent Reviews on Amazon…hmmmmmmmmmmm


I bought the last universal remote on Wootx2 (a different model entirely), and I have to say I regret it.

The remote definately works likes its supposed to, but I realize that I really didn’t need it. The only remote I use is my Tivo remote and it couldn’t handle that. Any idea if this one can?


Pfft, that’s nothing… the really tight ones go for $100+ easily. I’d grab this myself if I hadn’t just blown my extra cash already.