Unlocked Cell Phones

Hi! is this the international versión?? it works outside United States??

Which phone do you mean?

Good Day…just verifying if this will work with the pageplus network?(Apple iphone4 black 16g)Also, can you tell me if you can turn off the internet so it does not use up all the prepaid minutes. I like to be able to use it just on wi-fi networks to basically save money. Thanks in advance! Hope it makes sense.

For the price these cellphones suck, sorry to say.

The Galaxy Grands are dual cores with Broadcom GPU’s (which are HORRIBLE)…no OLED or anything…$300? Give me a break. Same with the Galaxy Mega 5.8…doesn’t even have a 720p screen (960x540 qHD).

I know it isn’t the fault of woot! but these are not that great of deals.

I picked up an unlocked HTC Droid DNA with a 5 inch 1080p screen, Snapdragon quad-core, 2GB RAM, etc for $300 like-new on eBay.

I say these are best avoided!

From the buyer:

The Nokia is unlocked GSM so everything should work with any GSM operator i.e.Tmobile. You might need to plug in the right internet settings.

The iPhones will only work on Pageplus or VZW.

The Samsung GSM phones are unlocked to work on any US or international GSM platform. These are the international model numbers because that is the only way Samsung sells unlocked factory GSM models.

Yes, you can turn the internet and wifi off on iPhone 4 at will

Without getting too technical about it, the GSM models don’t appear to support the 1700mHz band you need to get the highest data speeds on T-Mobile. They should be good for 3G, though.

Does anyone know if the Iphone has a sim-card slot?

hi wanted to know if the iphone is a cdma or a sim. thank you.


As a Windows Phone user, I would shy away from the Lumia 900, which is currently capped at WP7.8; they cannot upgrade to WP8 … and guess where all the development is these days?

The Lumia 520 (AT&T Network) or the Lumia 521 (T-Mobile Network) is where the $100 Smartphone bargain is at. Yes, they’re network locked, but what good is a phone without a provider anyways? The GSM MVNO piggyback off one of their networks anyway, so it’s really not that big of a deal IMHO.

(Still do your homework before buying!)

For iPhone/iPad, click here to see how you can temporarily turn off cellular data to prevent applications from using the cellular network connection to send or receive data.

This is kinda weird but the iPhone 4 is the only phone specifically mentioned in Verizon Wireless’s Customer Agreement where it says


Samsung GT-S7562-W Samsung Galaxy S Duos Unlocked GSM Phone - White

being a complete techno-chump when it comes to cell phones would someone please confirm that I will be able to use this phone on a T-Mobile pay as you go plan. Also, does it have a SIM and is this a mini or regular size? thanks

Actually, it is woot’s fault. They shouldn’t have bought them if they couldn’t have sold them at a reasonable price.

these cost more than my galaxy nexus did an and have shittier specs. Go with a nexus 4 from google.

They clearly say CDMA. They’re made for Verizon and are normally harder to get. That’s been my experience but I buy my phone 90% of the time on a 20 month upgrade.

It’s not “kinda weird” that it says that, the phone they use is tied to their network and probably won’t work with another one.

Thanks, I almost bought this. Till you said that and I saw that my phone I currently got has more advanced software. Oh well, thanks. :slight_smile:

I’m currently using the Lumina 900 in white, bought from the last Woot. This time offer is $30 cheaper than the last time ($199). I only wanted a phone for making and receiving calls, decent camera capability, and Wifi to occasionally browse internet at home. The Nokia 900 serves all those purposes, and I’ve been quite pleased. It’s also solidly built in Korea.