Unlocked GSM Cellphones

Would these completely unlocked phones, that could used with any service provide? US domestic and international? Thanks

These Electronics.Woot cell phones were mainly designed & targeted for the Verizon network.

Samsung Galaxy Note II CDMA

Available as:

Samsung SCH-I605 for Verizon
Samsung SCH-R950 for U.S. Cellular
Samsung SPH-L900 for Sprint



Motorola DROID Maxx

For Verizon





Discontinued: Verizon



I had one such phone…I was told that the LTE (or 4G) needed GSM service and these phones could be unlocked for international use. The vendor said he unlocked mine…unfortunately, I lost that phone on the bus to the airport so I did not get to test it :frowning:

I would check with your international carrier first but it is likely that it will work with the GSM Carrier of your choice. You may just have to change a few APN settings and you’ll be good to go.

Will these work with AT&T? It says that these are GSM phones, but if you look up the model number (of the Note) they are listed as CDMA.


As an FYI, here is the 3+ page conversation on the Droid MAXX sold on the main electronics.woot page earlier this week.


I really need a cell phone for Tmobile…would any of these work? I’m not sure if it needs root access to change settings but can someone please help!

The Note 2 Should work fine with the right APN settings

Same for AT&T? The Note uses several of the same frequency ranges, but the band number is different. (I’m kinda new at getting unlocked phones)

Majority of Verizon’s smart phones are already unlocked. Since they are “world enable” phones. I used my Note 2 in South Korea on a prepaid plan- it works. I also gifted a person in Vietnam- it also works.
My girlfriend with AT&T swaps her SIM with my Note 2 - IT WORKS.

One comment on that conversation – in it, ThunderThighs states very definitively that this isn’t a CDMA phone, but I believe she was mistaken. Based on other comments, this phone was a VZW exclusive, and she herself comments that it will work on VWZ’s network – which uses CDMA for voice and SMS. (The LTE is for 4G data, TT.)

Also, as to comments re: international use: looking at the specs, I see that it has 4 bands, the same ones as all the “world phones” I was scouting on eBay before an overseas trip.

I guess that’s two comments, not one…

Yes same thing. These phones will work with AT&T as well. I assume youll also just need to put in the APN settings which is rather simple to do.

Lots of Verizon phones work just fine on GSM networks and in fact rely on GSM tech. not CDMA for their 4g LTE data service. Pick pretty much any Verizon 4g LTE phone and it has a SIM slot, unlocked from day 1 due to VZW agreement w/FCC. Place another (GSM) carrier SIM in the slot and you are talking/texting on T-mo or att. Data speed will be YMMV based on carrier network frequency/band used & coverage and the band(s)/frequencies enabled on the particular VZW phone model (some phones have additional band/frequency capabilities in their radios that can be enabled w/a good bit of hacking around). MMS will usually work fine but again YMMV. You may need to adjust APN settings to get everything working best.

There are some (older) non-4g Verizon “world phones” w/SIM slot that work with GSM carriers overseas, some even domestically, again depends on model and hacks available.

Even Verizon (& Sprint) iPhone 4s (non- 4g phone) has a SIM card slot and works with GSM carriers. In the past this only worked outside the USA due to USA carrier restriction but since this past Feb. or so they are now allowed carrier unlock for domestic USA GSM use. I have an elderly family member on a VZW iPhone 4s w/Selectel (Verizon MNVO) service, she has used the phone overseas several times w/an overseas carrier SIM and now I can pop in a domestic T-mo or att SIM and it works fine. I didn’t even have to call VZW and she is not even directly a VZW customer. I just did an OTA update, inserted SIM, reboot and done, instead of Verizon as carrier on the screen it was att or t-mo. Some have reported having to do a full restore on the phone to get it working, so again, YMMV.

Do these have a clean esn?

if there’s an agreement w/ the FCC, then i wonder why my verizon droid4, which has a sim card slot and is sold as a global/world phone, cannot use a tmobile sim. it’s specifically restricted in the firmware, and people on XDA and other forums have been trying to break that restriction since the phone was released, with no success.

samsung phones are generally easier to work with compared to motorola though.

all that said - what’s the warranty on these refurb units?

The Droid Maxx may not arrive as a black 32GB Droid Maxx.

It may arrive as a white 16GB Droid Ultra with no Kevlar back.

This model is worth significantly less and the refund amount is not worth keeping it. Unfortunately there is also no stock left to replace. :frowning:

Keep an eye out buyers!

white or black, don’t matter to me what does is how freaking huge these Note II’s are. Too bad the Maxx is sold out. I’ll wait for the next event.

Its not the color thats the issue. Its the fact that its advertised at 32GB and it arrives with 16GB.

I think your model predates the period the agreement started to take effect. That was one of their earlier 4g phones (released in late '11 or early '12). Sorry not sure what the exact date is that the phone had to be released after. That is why I said “pretty much” vs. something like “any 4g phone released after xx/xxxx”