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Oh shit! The invasion has started!

I’m seriously starting to think that this site has become sentient and its sole purpose in life is to drive me a little bit crazier every day…

Can anyone tell me with a high degree of certainty if the GS5 phone will work on Verizon’s network?

I see that it is not listed as a major carrier, but does that mean that it WONT work on Verizon?

Thanks soooo much for your help.

It’s not going to work on Verizon. Sorry!

Only “a little bit”?

Will this work with Softbank in Japan.

Samsung SM-G900T Galaxy S5 LTE-A (Samsung Pacific) Compatibility on Softbank (Japan) Mobile Network Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900T Doesn’t look good for you… Sorry…

But works for me on Wind Mobile. The one I got had some of the chrome off the sides missing. not that big of a deal with a case on.

I had a Samsung S5 for a couple of years and loved it. I recently upgraded to the S7, but my hubby opted to stick with his S5 for awhile longer. We use T-Mobile and the S5 works well with them. I’m considering grabbing a couple of these to replace the kids’ crappy android phones. Love, love, love the waterproof feature of this phone.

Is it manufactured or seller ref?

The warranty is through Woot so I suspect the phones were refurbished by a third party.

I have AT&T service. Is it better to get the AT&T phone (900A), or will the T-Mobile phone (900T) work just as well, signal and performance wise?

It’ll work fine on both… AT&T and T-Mo both use bands 2 & 4, which this phone has.

You will be fine with ATT on the phone. With this being the T-mob version it means the tethering feature isnt locked down, so bonus (edit: tethering isnt locked on some plans for ATT)! If it were an ATT phone to use on the T-mob network you would miss out on the wifi calling feature of T-mob. ATT hasnt yet supported wifi calling features (edit: on all handsets), unless you go to google voice or something similar, which is a whole different kettle of fish. I have been running a Note 4 for a while and really like it. T-mob finally released the 6.0.1 update and it works very well. You can always skip this deal and just get a Note 7 this month for 4 times the cost. That bad boy is starting at 850 a phone. Yowza!

edit: apparently ATT has changed a few things, I stand corrected a bit.

Quick answer either. However you want to know when carriers have marked the S5 as EOL (I know AT&T has) That doesn’t mean you won’t get updates, but they are selling out the SKU’s from the stores and inventories.

Depends on which carriers bloatware you want ROM’d onto it. You can “disable” bloatware, but you cannot remove most without rooting your phone.

Also it is the CARRIERS, that push the Android updates, not Samsung.

Just advice: buy any phone and back it up.

Not entirely true. AT&T has started Wi-Fi calling on a number of handsets and Samsung’s are some of the first. Tethering is only locked on certain rate plans, like unlimited data. Most rate plans and even pooled plans include tethering as an option.

Does anyone know if these will work with UK sim cards… I am moving to the UK at the end of this month

Does anyone know if any of these phone will work on the Sprint network? Thanks

Quick question, if I buy an iPhone from Woot, and have an active AT&T line, how difficult is it to activate the phone on an existing line?

Will these phones work with Tracfone prepaid plans?