Unlocked Tablets

GSM Carriers in the USA
•Airfire Mobile
•Asset/Vada Wireless (uses AT&T/ TMobile)
•AT&T (Includes GoPhone Prepaid, Dobson Cellular, Edge Wireless and Centennial Wireless)
•Big Sky Mobile
•Calhan Wireless
•Cellular One of East Central Illinois
•Cellular One of East Arizona
•Cellular One Nation
•Cellular One TXOK
•Chariton Valley Wireless
•Cincinnati Bell Wireless
•Commnet Wireless (also uses CDMA)
•Consumer Cellular (uses AT&T towers)
•Cordova Wireless
•Corr Wireless
•Cross Communications
•DTC Wireless
•Epic PCS
•Fuzion Mobile
•GCI Wireless (also uses CDMA)
•GTC Wireless (uses AT&T towers)
•GoSmart Mobile
•i wireless
•Indigo Wireless
•Jolt Wireless (uses AT&T towers)
•Locus Mobile (uses CDMA, Verizon & AT&T towers)
•Long Lines Wireless
•Mobal Freedom (uses AT&T towers)
•Metro PCS (also uses CDMA)
•NEP Wireless
•Pine Cellular
•Plateau Wireless
•Pure Prepaid (uses AT&T towers)
•Pure Talk USA (uses AT&T towers)
•Simple Mobile (uses T-Mobile towers)
•Shaka Mobile (also uses CDMA, Verizon & Sprint towers)
•Telecom North America Mobile Inc
•T-Mobile USA
•TracFone Wireless (also uses CDMA, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, US Cellular and T-Mobile towers)
•Includes NET10 Wireless, SafeLink Wireless, Straight Talk, SIMPLE Mobile and Telcel América
•Tru (uses T-Mobile towers)
•Union Wireless
•Viaero Wireless
•Wal-Mart Family Mobile (uses T-Mobile towers)
•West Central Wireless
•XIT Communications

There are new carriers and changes constantly, so to be sure ask your provider.

Woot! I ordered this from you and now I find this, A Samsung re-certified unlocked Note 8, same one for $165 and no tax and free shipping on Ebay and they had a lot of them! Aren’t you suppose to be a cheaper seller. I’m disappointed with you this time after all my purchases from you. I could of saved $30+ on this and it’s a Samsung re-certified with 14 days return! I’m now going to have to look around as I was convinced you had the best deal’s! Wrong!

Link or it didn’t happen.

well do http://www.ebay.com/itm/251469686664?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

That tablet is wif-fi only.


Not unlocked

Not the same thing

All that fit for nothing…

You can apologize to the Woot gods now for doubting them

Yes I do apolgize to woot, I could of sworn that it was unlocked listed when I looked at it the other day, Sorry Wooters!!! My mistake I will see if I can remove my error! I should be whipped by the Woot Gods!

Can the Note8 be used as a cell phone (voice calling and txt’ing) as well?? If so, I’m on it! If not, I’ll have to pass. I’d use a headset for voice and not hold that large thing up to my ear!

I have an AT&T LTE simcard already, I just need to know if I can utilize this device to replace my phone.

That would be a big N O. Sorry, its a data only device.

However, a 10$ tmobile sim, & 200 mb of 4g data a month forever.

Edit: After further research you can infact use this as either a phone or a MID, the cellular models have an earpiece in the usual spot, the wifi only models lack this feature. Also with apps like TEXTplus (tad bit ad heavy) you can set a number to the app, text to any number for free, and either pay for minutes, subcription service, or download apps for minutes. .02 cents per minute.

Where could I find information on the 200MB of 4g data for life with T-Mobile? There’s nothing referenced here in the description, and haven’t noticed anything else in the wild while pulling up information on this tablet.

I think this is it. If I read the fine print correctly, that sounds like a pretty good deal. It’s not clear if some of the uncarrier exceptions (like certain music streaming apps) still apply, but even so.

I found it, $176 on Ebay
They have sold 83 and have about 10 left. But who knows what condition they are in.
I’m getting one from Woot, hope it’s a winner

Thats it, you have to buy a 10$ sim card though. I would recommend calling to buy it, placing the order online attempts to bundle a monthly data plan into the purchase and requires a credit check, calling is much less hassle.

The unlimited streaming is actually included without pulling from your data bucket even with the free data, yay unlimited pandora anywhere i go, or my radio stations on iheart radio. I confirmed with my csr when i bought the sim. My tab should be here by the end of next week and my sim by the end of this week. Tax is added as well, at least for my ohio purchase it was. So infact it was 10.70$.

195~ for a great tablet and 200mbs of free monthly data plus umlimited music streaming is great. Samsung and T-Mobile, working miracles one Woot at a time.

I am very disappointed as I bought the Samsung 7" unlocked tablet from Woot but found the same tablet for cheaper at nomorerack.com. It is the same tablet , unlocked , 16Gb.I always thought of woot being the cheapest seller, but now not so.
On woot I paid $149 + tax = $155. Nomorerack sells for $129 and no taxes. A difference of $26.

Here is the link


mine arrived busted. BUST

Ack! Sorry.

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