Unlocked Tablets

I’m looking at that Tab 4, with the intent of using it on T-mobile’s network for their “free data for life.” I may go for one from somewhere else, I may want to compare warranty options.

So it is unlocked. Is this the way to go if you are traveling? Then you could switch SIM cards and buy minutes? Or it work with any plan? Or is this the International Version not supported in the US? Pls help. I don’t know what I’m doing!!!

I bought one of the unlocked Note 8’s from Woot a while ago, but never activated it on a SIM. I thought it was stuck on Android 4.1.2, but then one day I stuck an AT&T MVNO SIM in it and it offered me an update to 4.4.2. Much, much better with the new OS. Worth doing the upgrade for anyone interested, but it won’t offer it to you if you have no SIM installed. (Don’t know if it will offer it if you have a non-AT&T SIM in there.)

Does this Tab 4 accept SIM cards?

It says in the specs it’s “Unlocked GSM”, so yes… all GSM devices use a SIM card.

Potentially stupid question, but if you get a tablet and have no intention of using anything but Wifi, you don’t need to have it added to any sort of cellular plan, yes? I have two sources of Wifi in my apartment to download updates from and to access the 'net. Just looking for something so I can pull up recipes online in the kitchen and maybe add a few games.

Correct, you can use it as a Wi-Fi only tablet.

If you just use WIFI might as well buy one cheaper on Amazon. Those are not unlocked but about $25 cheaper.