Unlocked Tablets

What’s the advantage an unlocked over a locked tablet?

A locked tablet has to be used with whichever carrier you purchased the tablet from. In the case of the tablets here, they were originally locked to AT&T so before they were unlocked you could only use them with an AT&T mobile plan (they still work on wifi without a plan).

An unlocked tablet can be used on any GSM carrier. So instead of only being able to use AT&T, you can use any of the carriers below. Many of these likely have better service and/or pricing in your area. In addition, if you travel overseas, you can buy a cheap SIM card and have inexpensive data there instead of the insane roaming charges that a US carrier would charge.

[]Airfire Mobile
[]Asset/Vada Wireless (uses AT&T/ TMobile)
]AT&T (Includes GoPhone Prepaid, Dobson Cellular, Edge Wireless and Centennial Wireless)
]Calhan Wireless
]Cellular One of East Central Illinois
[]Cellular One of East Arizona
]Cellular One Nation
[]Cellular One TXOK
]Chariton Valley Wireless
[]Cincinnati Bell Wireless
]Commnet Wireless (also uses CDMA)
[]Consumer Cellular (uses AT&T towers)
]Cordova Wireless
[]Corr Wireless
]Cross Communications
[]DTC Wireless
[]Epic PCS
]Fuzion Mobile
[]GCI Wireless (also uses CDMA)
]GTC Wireless (uses AT&T towers)
[]i wireless
[]Indigo Wireless
]Jolt Wireless (uses AT&T towers)
]Locus Mobile (uses CDMA, Verizon & AT&T towers)
[]Long Lines Wireless
]Mobal Freedom (uses AT&T towers)
[]NEP Wireless
]Pine Cellular
[]Plateau Wireless
]Pure Prepaid (uses AT&T towers)
[]Pure Talk USA (uses AT&T towers)
]Simple Mobile (uses T-Mobile towers)
[]Shaka Mobile (also uses CDMA, Verizon & Sprint towers)
]Telecom North America Mobile Inc
]T-Mobile USA
[]TracFone Wireless (also uses CDMA, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, US Cellular and T-Mobile towers)
]Tru (uses T-Mobile towers)
[]Union Wireless
]Viaero Wireless
[]Wal-Mart Family Mobile (uses T-Mobile towers)
]West Central Wireless
]XIT Communications

Can you make calls with this model if you use a sim card?

Also can you get updates on WiFi only if you do not buy a sim card?

Has anyone bought this model from a recent woot? Any feedback?

You would need an application like Skype to make calls. It is not a telephone.

You can get updates over Wi-Fi with no problems.

Ditto to BigD. Bought the Samsung Tab 2 for traveling. A friend incurred $600 in roaming. I got a phone number from Google Voice which I think can be used to buy minutes in various areas (with sim card) so you know that can’t happen. The unlocked are a bit cheaper on Amazon if you don’t need this.