Unsimply Stitched Men's Socks: 4-Pack

I normally don’t buy fancy unique socks but I purchased about 3-4 packs of these in an old woot sale a while back. I am sad to report that I now own probably 12 different single non-matching dress socks.

I am so sad, and should probably just stick to basic black/navy/white socks.

I don’t understand. Is this a problem? Wear 'em unmatched. They look better that way!

How is the quality?

The quality is great. I have over 12 pairs that have been washed many times and they fit perfectly.

I’m sad to report that I have two pairs from a past woot that now have holes in weird places - one on the ankle and one on the tube(?) towards the top. I’m sad because these were my favorite socks and I’d love to get more, but I’m hesitant. I’ve never had a problem with holes in my socks in the 40+ years that I’ve had feet.

Hey there I work with the Unsimply Stitched team. It sounds like you have some defective pairs as that is not usually where holes generate from good old wear and tear.

Can you email US at contact@unsimplystitched.com and we can see if we can get you some replacements for those defective pairs.


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