Unsimply Stitched Socks

I would like to order three different sets (shipping would be $5 for all three) but silly me, I can’t figure out how to add these to the cart.

Anyone know where these are made? No info on website that I could find. And if size 12 feet can actually fit in them?

I bought 2 packs of these last time and I really love the designs. The only problem I have is they fall apart after the first time you wear them and are very thin.

It says China on the “Specs” tab.

I’m wondering how the low end is BOTH a size 8 in men’s and women’s. I thought women’s sizing was two sizes higher (i.e. Men’s size 8 is Women’s size 10).

Hey there I work with Unsimply Stitched and am sorry about your experience. Our customers are our # 1 priority and we will do all in our power to make you 100% happy.

We are always in the process of increasing the quality and designs of our socks and stand by our product.

Please contact us at customerservice@unsimplystitched.com and we will happily either replace your socks if we have it available or issue you a credit for some new pairs.

Hey there…yes our socks will fit your size 12 shoe size.

First - we have bought these socks in the past and I really like them. (my husband isn’t as picky). I wear some (women’s 8-8 1/2) and my husband wears some of them (11-11 1/2) and they fit both of us just fine.

Second - while we love our socks, we did not actually get the ones pictured last time we ordered. Woot’s great customer service did make it right with us (thanks!!!), but if we decide to take the plunge again, will we actually get the socks pictured???

Yes! You’ll get what you order. :slight_smile:

Sorry about the mix up last time, we had a couple skus accidentally get switched in our system. You’ll be happy to know we publicly shamed the person responsible for the foul-up last time. I kid, I kid - about the shaming, not the fact you’ll get what you order!

I am wondering this as well. Though my feet are size 16 wide I was going to roll the dice and hope my meat-hooves can fit. sigh

I love socks and some of these are really nice looking. Too bad they don’t come in smaller size options.

Cute socks

Just order them one at a time. The first one will include the $5 shipping, the others won’t. You get an email each time thanking you for the order, but I believe they all ship at the same time. At least, this has been my experience.

Yes - will these fit small feet? Size 6 women’s?

awesome designs, it would be great to be able to add multiple packs at a time instead of having to do multiple orders, but the clicks are well worth it because these socks are awesome. i got them last time and they are all i wear, they go with everything. I have to wear boring stuff to work so my socks are how i show my flare

maybe they would fit fit smaller feet if you don’t follow the washing care directions. anyone had experience?

Are they sure these are men’s socks?

Are these men or women socks?

Wry not for womens?!

I bought a set of of Men’s sport socks off Woot recently since they were supposed to fit “down” to size 6, but they were still way too big (easily an inch or two hanging off, and not possible to really pull them up further as the heel is sewn in and creates a pocket of fabric in the back).

I’m a 7 in Men’s (9 in Women’s) so female buyers, I wouldn’t recommend buying Men’s socks unless the size range is itty bitty. I do not believe they will fit.

I thought the same thing… Came to see, was a bit surprised.