Unsimply Stitched Socks

Question: How is this possible?

"Fits Men’s Shoe Size 8-12, Women’s Shoe Size 8-13, "

I love socks, but my feet aren’t that big. Or are they? I can’t tell.

Probably not.

I thought all socks had that kind of description?

I’m a total sock person! I love all of these! BUT, I love a deal and even Nordstroms has cheaper funky socks. Poo.

They’re not the cheapest socks, but they’re high-quality. I have a 4-pack from a previous offering (and they were $20 a pack then) and they truly are comfortable (for my men’s size 10 stompers at least) and durable socks well worth the price. And if you check out their site you’ll see they normally go for $12 a piece with $4 flat-rate shipping, so you really are saving about 60% on these if you can find a pack you like (which I’ve already spotted two or three I may have to get, myself).

I wear a woman’s 8-8 1/2, and my husband wears a man’s 10 1/2-11 and we both LOVE these socks. I just make sure my socks don’t end up in his drawer so he doesn’t stretch them out :wink:

Seriously - there is a bit more room than in my woman’s socks, but it’s not like the heel wants to sit at my ankle or anything. They don’t ride up or down.

I really do like them a lot.

You beat me to it!!! I got several sets when they were $20, but may have to look for more. They even have all sorts of new patterns :smiley:

The Women’s size range might be wrong. The Men’s and European size ranges agree and correspond to a 10-14 in Women’s size.

Edit: Although MommyBeary says they fit fine, so maybe the Men’s range should be bigger?

We’re looking into the sizing information. Hang tight.

Hey there I work at Unsimply Stitched. To answer the question about sizing for Women, the sizing referenced is a just to give a rough idea of the range. Our socks are really a one size fits most for Men so the women’s range is to identify that our socks will fill the larger shoe size for Women as well. Our socks are composed of Combed Cotton/Nylon/Spandex blend to allow for the proper stretch for all different types of feet and foot sizes.

For Women with Shoe sizes from 5 to 7.5 our socks will probably be a bit to big.

Thanks for the response. I’m thinking they’re too big for me. I sometimes wear an 8-womens, but its roomy. With the mens and euro sizing showing larger than my size, I’m voting no. I don’t like my socks baggy.

Anyone with stinky, sweaty feet like myself try this out to their satisfaction? I generally stick to at least 95% cotton only.

socks are cool, but like the shoes more…what kind are they?

I want the elephant socks!! Seriously.

Odd question - if I get three orders of any ‘assorted 4 pack’ will they all be the same as the image or different? (I would prefer the latter.)

For that reason I typically stick to wool or bamboo, but these socks have me seriously considering making an exception.

I’m about as keen for the shoes in that pic as I am the socks. What make/model are they? Anyone know?

Hey guys I work at Unsimply Stitched. Those shoes were styled for our photo shoot but I am not exactly sure the brand. I would check out John Varvatos. They are really cool shoes and give our socks a good pop…or the other way around :).

We need socks for man-sized feet (size 13, if you please).

I grabbed a 4 pack of these in a previous offer. As others state, these are fine quality socks. I wear a size 10 shoe but I do find the socks to be VERY snug. I give them a good stretch before I put them on and keep hoping they’ll loosen up a bit with time. In spite of that minor complaint I am considering another purchase as those elephant socks and few other new designs do like nice.

Hey there I work at Unsimply Stitched.

I mentioned in an earlier post that our socks are composed with a cotton/nylon/spandex blend to allow for our socks to be form fitting if need be and/or to have a nice stretch capability
to fit multiple sizes and different foot prints.

You might want to give one of these combos a test run.