Unsimply Stitched Underwear Variety 7-Pack

Unsimply Stitched Underwear Variety 7-Pack

Are there 2 “06” set options? Or is it me and I’m half blind?

I had a pair of underwear with no fly once… that ended in tragedy

The sea / nautical theme (set 02) is nice. They should have had one with crabs.

Can someone confirm the measurements?

For M waist extended is 22? 22 what? If in inches, that’s tiny for a M

@whatev62, you are correct, I might have gotten a set in the 6,7,8 range but now can’t be sure I’m ordering what I want.
for $53 I shouldn’t have to guess/hope.

I know, right! I did find this while trying to figure that out myself.

Hi there. Checking on the 06 photos and the size chart.


There’s now designs 6, 7 & 8. CS will reach out to customers to see which one you wanted.

On the size chart. This is direct from Simply Unstitched. These are the important measurements and match the one linked above. They are LAY FLAT measurements. That is, you lay them on a flat surface and measure.


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500 brands of mens underware, 499 give size in as inches/cm of your waist that they intend to fit. These guys have to be different and want you to figure out the width of your undies laid flat. Move along, move along, nobody here wants our business… Just move along folks…

I mean seriously, would you buy shoes that were listed in some odd “sizing” invented by a lone manufacturer? At $53 for what would cost about $15 if it were a “Major Brand”, you would think they could make it a bit easier to figure out what you were getting (unless they really don’t care if you get the right size).

Me, I’ll take my money elsewhere.

No fly?..Really?