Unstealthiest Christmas

Yey! The DoomNinjas are back!

very cute shirt, but I think one would appreciate it much more if they have seen the whole line of unstealthiest shirts.

Yay! A new unstealthiest shirt for the collection :slight_smile:

A festive Christmas spin on one of my favorite Shirt series!

Love the look on Santa’s face, he just knows they’re being naughty :slight_smile:


Surprised this didn’t get its own day- So cool! Everyone knows Santa is a master ninja!

Like on December 25th.

We’ll likely get a side sale for all the new designs that appeared during this woot-off, but they’ll go back up to $15.

So good! Surprise star of the shirt.off!

Likewise. In the past half-hour, it’s doing better than some recent shirts in an entire day.

Still pondering for a bit whether I need another Christmas shirt … I’m wearing Giftbox Turtle today.

darn you work for getting in the way of this woot-off. would have grabbed this one for sure. Hoping for a side sale going up soon.

Yeah more ninjas! Boo missed it on the cheap.

Would love to see this in a side sale as a long sleeve shirt.