Unstealthiest Ninja 3

'Bout time we had ourselves another ninja shirt!

At least his head isn’t on fire!

(Original shirt for reference.)

Saw shirt title on Twitter + posted fastest click through time ever. Yippee! Series continues well. #ninja #funny #etc

Ditto, though I have to admit this is the first of the series I’ve actually purchased.

EDIT: Just noticed the other two in the week-long sale… should I? Alright, damnit. Bought all three. There, you happy?

I was literally just wondering when Dooomcat would give us the third installment. Now I’ve got to do some financial rearranging to get this shirt.

I guess it is sink or swim at the ninja school.

I lucked out with “Unstealthiest Ninja 2” in the last random pull - very cute!

Now I’ll have “3” as well <3

When are the other ninjas going to learn and just leave that guy behind?

Whoa, I stayed up until the posting and actually liked the shirt. That’s been rare as of late.

Didn’t Myth Busters bust this one?

I see that the re-emergence of the ninja coincides with this week’s side sale. Nice way to premiere the week, it’s like the return of an old friend.

He pretty obviously got his spot through nepotism.

This here is a funny shirt. I don’t care who you are.

I am profoundly disappointed that this shirt was not granted a subtitle. :frowning:

A third ninja?! I anticipate a sellout

I hope that doesn’t apply to the shipping date on this one, though.

Left you some link love on my website: http://www.ninjasinpublic.com/

Placement seems a bit high.
Is that a final mockup?

This ninja is beginning to remind me of myself.