Unstealthiest Ninja: At The Beach

Nope. I want 4 ; )

Cute summer shirt, ice cream for me, too.

Considering he’s being ignored, I’d say in this case he’s stealthiest.

Please tell me the ninja in the water is only seconds away from receiving CPR.

Saw the “Unstealthiest Ninja” in the title and had to check it out. Great as always Dooomcat! I love this series, it always make me smile.

Yay!! another one for the collection.

Kids sizes all sold out already? Or were they not available.

I’ll have one sad little ninja who has all the other shirts :frowning:

How could you do this to me Dooomcat? I just finished my son’s Tshirt quilt which has 8 of your ninja shirts on it. (It’s missing Unstealthiest and the Christmas Tree) Guess I’ll have to make a pillow sham with this one to go with it.

Octopuses are really stealthy. I am betting on the big guy. See for yourself: True Facts About The Octopus

this stinks. i wanted to buy this and had 6 other shirts in my cart and now i see there are no more sales on other designs today? so then if i want this im forced to pay the 5$ shipping which i had planned on doing but for multiple shirts. not cool.

Tshirt quilt? So cool! Can I see a pic??

This one seems worthy of joining my small ice cream shirt collection. Nice work, DooOmcat!

Anyone have experience with the womens sizes of tanktops? Is it actually a ladies cut tanktop, or just a smaller mans?

We just have unisex sizing on these tanks. We do offer some women’s sized tanks that are actually a ladies cut, but these are not those.

Thanks for the answer!

Seems more Obninja than Unninja, but either way, in for an AA tank. :slight_smile:

This looks like another case of Oblivious Ninja more than Unstealthiest Ninja.

YES!!! I love this line and Artist. Got a new shirt for my collection.

This is gonna go great with my starscream ice cream shirt.