Unstealthiest Ninja II

The link is wrong. Losing is linked to Ninja 2. Please fix. I want to give you money.

You do not have the proper link for the original Unstealthiest Ninja. Both the original and unstealthiest ninja 2 are linked to the unstealthiest ninja 2 order link. Please fix it? Thanks!

I want to buy Unstealthiest Ninja – but when I click the link I get Unstealthiest Ninja II!

I want a flaming head dude – I already own wearing black in the snow!! HELP! Please fix the link.

Have you gotten any kind of response from them? I tried this, “feedback” and “customer service.” I’m very sad.

Made a call. She’s getting online to fix it now.

YAY!!! It’s fixed. I got my flaming head shirt! WOOT!

What happened to the flaming head ninja shirt? It isn’t even showing up anymore. I wanted to buy a zip up hoodie but it’s gone


If the zip hoodie was available for a daily design, it would’ve only been available for the first day of the sale. It could show up in a side sale later.

It’s not that. It’s that UnNinja I (Flaming UnNinja) redirects to UnNinja II (Snow). Again. In other words, something broke. Again.

I’m talking about in the doomcat sale. The very first ninja shirt that had the guy who’s head was on fire. It was on the page on Wednesday. Today I went to buy it and the whole shirt for that page was gone.

I let the shirt crew know. They’ll check out after the T-List Party.