Unstealthiest Ninja: Party Time

Oh, DoOomcat. BEST ninja yet. Just perfect.

This is the best part.

Guess he’s going to have all the candy for himself.

If he ever gets to it ; ) This will be the start of my piñata shirt collection.

OMG, possibly the cutest one yet!!!

Sooo … exactly how long ago did UnNinja’s sensei give up on him? Naturally, I’ll be in for some.

Amusing side note: my credit card got flagged for “abnormal activity”. I seem to have quite a lot of woot.com transactions. Gosh, I wonder what they could be …

I completely agree! Somebody better stick that ninja’s tongue back in it’s mouth! That’s not very polite.

This is just the type of party that can escalate a little too quickly.

Bah! Why can’t I buy an American Apparel version of this? :frowning: I even checked several of the men’s sizes…

Alas, of the 20 shirts that have arrived already, one show up on a mutant (complete with a missed stitch too!) and one was misprinted. :frowning:

Sold out; all of the blanks in inventory that could’ve been used are accounted for now.

I would suggest checking later in the day to see if there’s a new order coming in. Basically, it’ll show up as being orderable again.

Oh! I hope a reboot of this comes along later in a different blank color. I don’t know if it is just me or grey shirts in general, but they end up looking so dingy after a few washes - doesn’t matter the brand either.

Love the design. Ok, I love almost every Unstealthiest Ninja design, but this one is just another level of pain and suffering. :slight_smile:

The problem is exacerbated, not exasperated. The secret high ninja council is exasperated that the particular details exacerbate this problem. :wink:

Is that a bleeding lump on top of the bottom right ninja’s head? Does the one unstealthy is looking at have a broken arm? :open_mouth:

He finally won a fight! No wonder he’s so happy. :slight_smile:

It was all good clean fun until someone brought out the nunchucks…

Everybody loves an underdog :slight_smile:
(hopefully this clan has really good insurance)

I really want this, but there are almost no AA sizes left :frowning:

So when does the Kill Bill Part 2 Unstealthiest Ninja come out? Part 1 looks great.

He did manage to kill one of the other ninjas, though.

I’m guessing the Illuminati had a bunch of left over AA gray blanks in odd sizes and influenced the Woot monkeys into trying to shift them.

Sigh. To buy on standard? Or be annoyed that they were silly enough to fall for an Illuminati conspiracy?