Unstealthiest Ninja: Party Time

Grumbles and Mumbles – you tease me by offering a wonderful combo - Unstealthiest Ninja in American Apperal … but any useful sizes are sold out

Sorry Woot - no deal

It’s NOT some conspiracy! Woot’s stock of silver American Apparel blanks have all been used/accounted for. Does it suck? Probably, but I’d rather wait and pay even more for AA than to save a few bucks for the Anvil blanks. Because … well, most of you know.

Note that after today, $2 of the $3 extra goes to the artist, so it’s not like Woot’s super profiting from a lack of current inventory.

Too bad it didn’t come in other colors (my cousin would love it in a diff. color) and styles (I know somebody who NEEDS this but would only wear it as a tank top)

It could certainly show up on a tank! Keep an eye on our side sales, could end up on as a remix on another color blank OR on other items like tanks.

that’s so sad! I thought maybe he was just unconscious and my daughter pointed out that “they don’t put exes instead of eyes if they’re just unconscious” Hell of a party.

Great design! Always love the unstealthiest ninjas!
It would be so much better if there were more AA or more options like women’s v-necks. We need more options for women! :stuck_out_tongue:
I hope this design comes back again with more options.

love it love it love it!!! I wanna go to that party… lets rock and roll little ninjas.