Unstealthiest Ninja: Shark

Uh oh. How’s he going to get out of this one?

Have we finally jumped the shark with this one? :slight_smile:

Sorry, it just flew into my head… Followed immediately by losing the game. :frowning:

It looks to me like those ninjas are DoOomed…

Then again, that shark may also be DoOomed to a bad case of indigestion!

Poor UnNinja; one would think that after several years, he’s at least graduate out the water wings …

UGH, thanks. Just thanks. Do you have ANY idea how long it’s been since I thought about The Game?
(Jumping the shark. I giggled, probably because I’m old enough to remember actually watching the Fonz jump the shark. That was when bad TV was still good.)

If there is ever a chance for a variant I would LOVE a version of this with just the shark fin directly behind the poor ninja (so rewind this scene about 3 seconds). I would love to give that to my kid.

Looks like we’re already short a couple of ninjas, so Unstealthiest must not have been the first to go!

Naw, they graduated and are off doing ninja-y stuff. The school’s having a hard time attracting new students though. They’re enthusiastic when they come to visit and observe a class but never enroll for some reason.

Every one a winner. ^___^