Unstealthiest Ninjas

AHHHHHH!!! I want to replace some… but on AA.

Woot, stop saving me money!

Unfortunate, would have been in for 1 and 3 if AA were a choice.

I got one of each. I am ok with Anvil for $10 each and I missed out on the first 2, which are the best IMO. I look forward to #5.

This is already one of the coolest Woot-Offs (Shirt.Woot in particular) that I have seen. Glad to see it.

Oh man, I never thought I’d see the day… but even the lower price isn’t enough to convince me on Anvil since it just doesn’t fit me at all. I would have liked to get all four :frowning:

Woo hoo! This is exciting…comment evidence insomnia is winning ; )

I would have paid $10 for the lot of 4 single wear shirts.

After the speed and excitement of the first two, I jumped on this one like a jungle cat… full of speed… to get the one of the four that I don’t have. But now the suspense and excitement are draining as not enough other people are jungle catting to the ninja shirts…

Grabbed a 1 and 3. I’m so excited! The Anvils actually fit me better than the AA’s.

Now it’s the first ever shirt.woot-off killer…


1 was definitely the best. I hope woot eventually heads our comments about AA being superior. I also would have bought one if it hadn’t been on anvil. Thanks for trying woot!

i have now laughed so hard i cried. thanks.

Are the colors gonna be right on these or are these reprints with “contrast” issues that turn red into dark brown, flesh into ruddy, and grey into lavender?

In for all 4. I love me the ninjas and I love me the Anvils. Now an Unstealthiest Ninja WITH an anvil ON an Anvil? That would be a triple helping of love.

Just FYI: Reprint on left with different “contrast” (I call TOTALLY WRONG Pantone color, but woot insists it’s just “contrast”), original on the right, matches the web colors pretty well.

An hour in and 100% left… we may have missed the mark on this one.

Lol! See, those cats are so fast, it’s a difficult job for them.

Also, I love the dude with the lint roller.