Unstealthy Yin Yang

Wow, that was fast! Seems like I just voted for this yesterday.

Seems perfectly balanced to me.

Unrealistically honest resume.

Hey look, it’s ninja Feng Shui.

Why is that one guy so happy?

I’m so confused. I thought there was only 1 unstealthy ninja!

Wait, I’m okay with mixed metaphors but this mixes two cultures what just don’t. Yin Yang is Chinese, Ninjas (as if anyone didn’t know) are Japanese. Bad jujitsu, your feng-fu is very week.

OK, so… Am I the only one who wants the RESUME as a shirt?

Just curious.


So did I. Does this mean one of them has been stealthy after all?

Maybe they are the “Spy vs. Spy” of ninjadom. I look forward to their further zany antics.

Spy vs. Spy was my first thought.

ha yes! Also left side ninjas seem more upset than right side ninjas.

Yin and Yang aren’t exclusively Chinese. The Japanese adopted the concept and turned it into Onmyōdō: